Sovereign Star skin line

Here is the first member of the Sovereign Star Skin Line I am making.

Inspired by the K/DA skin line of League of Legends, here is my version of the same theme for VG heroes.
SS Gwen


I also liked this on Reddit, you did a great job. I can feel the K/DA vibes. Which ones will you do next?

The K/DA skins are actually the first skins in League I really want to spend money on. I know as soon as I do this, I’ll go buy all the PROJECT skins and Blood Moon skins too. :frowning:

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BRO! I always wanted a popstar theme in Vg and you just completed my dream :heart_eyes:

Hope you make more :ok_hand::grimacing:

I feel like Koshka may get one because of her original skin line :thinking:

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I’d imagine that the next 4 heroes might be those of each roles.

the K/DA skin line was actually modtly carries

im predicting mayb at least one of anka, skye, varya, and celeste will get art too? no matter the char, i’ll be looking forward to it, this looks really good!
but u should def do star guardian grumpy

Why not Catherine ? , I think koshka and Catherine fit there !

OP nice idea I liked the Gwen and waiting for the rest :star_struck:

The K/DA skin theme that this piece is based off, is that it consists of APC and assassins, thats why Varya needs to be in there :eyes:

Cath already has Summer Party

Catherine was assassin at somepoint , when Ardan gauntlet damage bugged she reflect his gauntlet damage and kill them all hehehe

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