Sound problems

So I was playing VG the other day (it feels weird saying that I only play once every few days now, I used to play nonstop…)
But anyway, I was playing Skye, and for some reason, the sound effects kept going quiet or even completely silent. Like, one minute I’d have sound, the next I wouldn’t. I know Gwen has always had a sfx bug, but I hadn’t heard it with other heroes. Also, this was different, the i game music would go silent too, and then come back randomly. Only happened when I was playing Skye tho. Anyone else noticed this?

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Similar sound bug happened to me once. Was for the entire game and fixed next one. Missing sounds, low volume, etc.


“We are delaying the update two more weeks to solve the bugs.”
Result: no bugs fixed + new bugs appear. Ok.

Don’t worry guys, this update last for 2 months (so we still have 5 more weeks) to be sure we create new bugs without fixing the old ones!

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You are right.

Also it’s true that pubg and fortnite, etc are the hot games nowdays and any other time invested need type of games are suffering. Only the hyper casual games are still doing ok.

Still, as you said - in china the search engine is not google.

We will see, but AOV and ML, I still feel are doing alright while VG… yepi yep

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