Sooo..uhhhh... how is everyone (and vg in general) doing?

hi i highkey quit vg but ngl i miss the community and this forum in general… so how are ya’ll? I don’t mind regular life stuff or vg experiences when it comes to replies, since I just want to catch up in general

i’ll start by saying i got way too hooked into botw bc i finally decided to start playing around with my switch

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I’m doing well. Finished my first semester of college studying CS.


I’ve actually been really well for once. Having good enough health after all the medical problems I’ve been having for the past year is pretty nice. The holidays have been good for me as well.
Besides that I’ve been playing a ton of BBTAG lately due to the new content (as well as the more active online lobbies caused by it) and I’ve gotten really hooked on Taiko no Tatsujin. Bought it on the Namco digital switch sale a while back and I got way more into it than I expected.