Sony Announces PlayStation Classic

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Man people are such suckers for nostalgia, you think they all would’ve just kept their childhood items in the attic or something.

Have you been looking in my attic? :wink:

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I thought that was an American standard. You see it all the time in 80s and 90s movies, kids go into the attic and find something wether it be magic or something significant to the parents. Actually now that I think about it, in the 80s and 90s there were so much media with characters finding an object in which the plot revolves around.

Money grab , I can download an emulator and any ps1 game from the Internet.

yawns in Sony

I want to see a ‘classic’ console that is owned by a gaming publisher or developer, that’s their own ‘console’ that has their own games.

Like… A Final Fantasy classic, that has titles throughout the ages that are easier to emulate?

I have no idea how this stuff works and I’m no scientist but it’s a nice dream to have, no?

That’s kind of a ridiculous criticism, to be honest. People with the know-how, hardware, and time to install an emulator, find and download the game ROMs, and tweak things to get them working are not the target market for these retro devices.

Fwiw, I collect old arcade machines, have built a custom MAME arcade cabinet, and have all of my old consoles dating back to the SEGA Master System … but I still might buy one of these for the convenience of being able to hook it up in a seconds wherever I am.

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I saw a tweet that instead of the ps mini they should do a ps2 mini with backwards compatibility, reads disks, reads old memory cards and supports sd cards, region unlocked, hdmi cable.

I’d honestly want this instead of the ps classic, liked ps2 so much more and have many disks I could replay.
But what would be really great was just a system that played the old ps library of ps, ps2, psp of both digital library (region unlocked) and read the old disks and memory cards, that’d be a dream.


What games would you wanna play again the most if that happened?

To be honest the emulator is better because you can download a lot of games while this money grab has 20 games and probably bad ones because they didn’t mention them in the article probably a mysterious way to make people buy and hope their favorite game there .

Last time I downloaded and emulator was years ago , and I played all my favorite games like resident evil , Rayman , bugs bunny , solid metal gear , ninja , and a lot of other games I don’t remember now .

I think you missed the point dude

I didn’t miss anything , the idea could work for maybe a Nintendo Mario because it was so popular , you could release the Nintendo console and people buy it , but for PlayStation with a lot of games and everyone had their own favorite games , I don’t think it going to work , if anyone want to play the old games bad , easily downloading the emulator is the way to go.

I would say the idea could 100% work if they actually let you download games from PlayStation store , you download your favorite 20 games , not forced 20 games .

YUP. and I’m one of them. Sign me up for one of those consoles ANY DAY.