[Somewhat VG Related] Belgium declares loot-boxes gambling; therefore illegal

Link stripped from Reddit, thought I’d post it here for others to see.

Thoughts, moving forward? Do you believe many countries will follow in tow with this decision? How do you feel about this sort of thing?

I think this is just the beginning of an avalanche of similar rulings we’re going to see from the EU, at least, and probably elsewhere as well.

I hate the loot box strategy myself, but publishers love it because it’s EXTREMELY lucrative. But in my (non-attorney) opinion, it is in fact gambling.


It’s time games stopped following the loot box craze. Someone was going to push this too far eventually bringing it to the attention of everyone and now it can potentially become a way for games to be banned or fined in probably more countries in the future as a result.

Not really related but I’ve just always wondered about loot boxes and devs of games involving them, would they themselves actually buy loot boxes and would they allow their kids to do so?

Although I appreciate the amount of nice skins I got off epic mystery chests I say good riddance with Loot Boxes. I hope SEMC finds another good way of making more money

Only some games loot boxes are considered in this rolling not all. Though I found something interesting if a loot boxes has any ties with money they are technically illegal in the usa

Didn’t overwatch get around this in China by giving away free loot boxes with purchases of in-game currency?

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Yes they did do that


Holy hell YES DUDE YES!!! get rid of this cancer marketing abomination… let’s go back to good old ways of DIRECT purchases

If that happened bp would probably disapear all together making skins purchasable only