Something seems fishy - not enough keys, too many chests

I haven’t seen a bronze key in 73 years, and I haven’t seen a gold chest ever. But I’ve been getting silver keys/chests at a rate you’d expect bronze keys/chests to drop. :thinking:

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Wanna trade?

I don’t have any gold chests but since this is in salt mine I’ll automatically take that from you and hand you over my 6 rows of wooden chests :slight_smile:

6 rows?? Man, what’s with the chest to key ratio? This is nuts lol. I guess they never unfucked the numbers after the “buy keys” weekend.

nah. I’m finding all 3 type of keys pretty easily. but there are obviously a lot more chests than keys.

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trad plz


lol @ the Rainbow chest missing key… I wonder what a “rainbow” key would look like :thinking::star_struck::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Plot twist: It looks like a pot full of $$$.


I had 6 gold keys and no gold chest lmao. And another secret id tell you that ive clearly noticed and abused. You get more keys/chests after losing a game. Idk if it was a bug but i intentionally lost 1 br and 2 blitz and got 3 gold keys in a row. Maybe its just luck or maybe not?

It’s luck because I have a secret too. About 2 weeks ago on a Sunday SEMC was doing a secret key event where every match you played you got a key. Yup I got like 8 silver keys and 1 gold keys and was able to open all my chests and I got absolutely nothing. Quality chests.

we were all l u ck y before playing this g ame.

A bronze chest game me 4 or something glory once. :vgcheersx3:

Here’s another trickery, Blue print chest drops everything BUT blue prints. Really bitch? That’s like how you open a cookie box from the store that has sewing kits in it. Why can’t things work the way they were meant to function?


Well there are people who unlocked the SE bf from the golden chests. I got kinetic from the golden chest too. Bust rest were all trashhh
and there was an event like that? ;-;
How come i didnt knowww fufufufu

ye it was a secret event that only i had

I have like 3 golden chest but no keys but my main complaint is about those silver chests, pretty sure I’ve opened around 10 and everytime I got 200 essence and 300 glory.
Like wtf gimme something else.

200 essence is pretty nice
you can have 800 essence with 4 chest

You forget the duplicates. Because for me whenever it is a blueprint from a blueprint chest, it’s almost always a duplicate.

As far as the keys and chests go I’ve not seen a single silver key and have about 8-10 silver chests waiting

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