Something I've Been Curious About For A While... (A Rank Discussion)

What does SEMC do if you’re talented, but low rank, and people think you’re smurfing but you’re just low rank at the time?

As someone who doesn’t really give a huge crud about rank besides the challenging gameplay it provides, I don’t really take ranked games as seriously as I should, and therefore struggle with ranking. I try new builds in ranked. I play when I clearly know I might have distractions in the background. I, admittedly troll people who troll me in ranked, though I try to decide how well the battle is swaying before I subject non-involved teamates to that, and I do try to do it less nowadays. Two lefts don’t make a right after all.

I just wonder what SEMC does when I’m playing seriously and spank a low ranked team with some clearly higher ranked strategy. I actually wish we could see our hidden ranks/stats because I really want to know how much rank differs from the hidden stats Vainglory uses to match you, and I know it varies a lot because I constantly get paired against possible smurfs or with teamates that may be a higher rank but don’t seem to have the skill level of that rank, in which games I usually carry.

Truly curious.

And I think it’s important to know for people who leave the game and come back after their rank has decayed as well.

They tell you to team up. I’ve been there. done that. Solo Q MM just never works. it’s Russian roulette with the odds stacked against you with 4 bullets in a 5 barrel gun.

Not surprisingly, all my best games have been with teams. It’s so easy to spot who is the noob and who is the pro.

it’s a hard life trying to rank up SOLO. in SEA it’s next to impossible. it doesn’t matter if you’re smurfing, high or low tier, Teaming up is much better than solo.

SEMC has always encouraged teaming up. it really does help.


I hear you. I’m not really having a problem ranking. I just don’t take every single game perfectly serious and make mistakes I have an idea are mistakes.

What I’m really wondering is if SEMC has an official policy for people who have a vastly higher true skill on internal stats than their apparent rank, but naturally: with no smurfing involved.

I ask in part because I’ve noticed this strange trend that whenever I carry multiple games by a wide margin, I get paired with players who clearly don’t have a grasp of some concepts regardless of their rank, or I’ll get paired more often against parties while my team is filled with solo queue-ers.

It’s happened enough times for me to not think this is a random thing. I don’t think I’ll get a concrete answer, but who knows. I’m really curious about it. It would technically be making solo queue-ers life harder if the matchmaker punishes, in a way, higher true skilled solo players by pitting them against coordinated teams or pairing them with lower true skilled players close to their rank. I doubt this is actually the case, but again, it’s been happening so often to me for months whenever I’m on winning streaks at my rank that I seriously wonder if it’s a thing. It definitely didn’t seem to happen so consistently over a year ago.

I see what you’re getting at. i also felt that sometimes. I’m also doubtful there will ever be a concrete answer.

I can only offer more educated guesses based on personal experience as to why such a phenomenon is happening… but ultimately, I don’t think there would be such a policy.

Too much speculation and too much over thinking leads to us forming a biased view. I think this Overly skilled, under skilled players who don’t belong in that tier difference has always existed. You’re just noticing it now. I’ve always felt it, since I started playing a year ago.

I think it happens due to many factors. Smurfing is one. Dodging is another. Too many to go through. But as for a policy? i highly doubt it.

I think a lot of people who stuck in tier6 for a long time
Can reach poa with a party easily ,i have seen it in my friend list happened to a lot of them they were tier6 soloq and tier9 after party

There is a lot of people dont understand the strategy
Like a guy played flicker in my game , he did nothing as a flicker !
Iam not a main flicker but i play flicker waaaaaayyyy better than him
The guy played flicker probably 300 times , most played hero for him
This kind of players drag you down in ranked because they think they are the best at their heroes and in reality they do nothing , he was playing flicker like phinn waiting late game , while enemy was already late game comp , i tried my best to get a lead but i couldnt , and we lost so bad because they reached their powerspikes , i think he doesnt know anything about powerspikes and how to fight , this is why people lose games while they are good , their team doesnt understand .

Welp. Happened again. 2-3 good games with teams who understood using your cams, not trying to solo the dragon early, not rushing under turret to snag kills early game, simple things that just make sense.

Followed by teams where NO ONE understood anything. Literally nothing. I mean no vision, all crowding in one lane, someone even tried to solo Blackclaw as soon as he landed. What is the coincidence that not one single person besides me on my team knows to watch the map in a game when I win a couple, and literally at least 1 to all 4 other people have complete understanding after I Iose a few matches. I am literally baffled by this because it happens in a fairly consistent pattern.

kinda opposite on my case, I was stuck in T7 for 3 consecutive seasons playing with party, then this season, I’m doing soloq, i got up to T9 in no time. This is the scenario for my two accounts, main and smurf. :slight_smile:

Thats weird because if you already stuck in t7 with a party that means you guys playing very bad , in t7 you can win very easy as a party .

I could say that you lucky , soloq is about luck honestly .

Maybe we were. And maybe we (or at least they) were just playing for fun and not so serious with ranking haha. But that party was disbanded, we didnt have synergy. I can only see one of them still playing at t7-8.

On the other hand, I agree soloq is all about luck. Last night I played 5-6 ranked games (v5 and v3), all defeat. #sadlife. No matter how much best you give, without synergy and if someone in the party fails, the whole team fails. No matter your effort, I can say I did my part on all those matches, not trolling, did have decent kills and minimal deaths. sad, just sad. :frowning: