Someone Said CP Rona?

So I gave her a try. 2 for 2. Rumble and Casual. I’m pretty sure the ult applies slow and mw from :vgitem_frostburn: and :vgitem_spellfire:. Not sure if my build makes sense, but here’s my logic:
:vgitem_spellfire: to cancel enemy sustain and to amplify dmg from A and C.
:vgitem_frostburn: to apply slow with C
:vgitem_alternatingcurrent: to get more out of Rona’s B and her kit overall (last CP item, I want dmg first)
:vgitem_capacitorplate: to improve barrier with C and to provide extra tankiness. Also, CD reduction feels nice on her A. (Pre nerf to barrier upcoming in 4.6, my barriers were HUGE)
:vgitem_aegis: to provide an extra barrier and spell immunity during C cast when cc was incoming

Thoughts? It was pretty dang fun! Her A gives a LOT of dmg, especially 15 min and earlier as you’re building CP and enemies have yet to build D. I max her A using CP. Again, was quite fun. Forget who just mentioned this, l believe it was in the 4.6 balance patch thread, but thank you!


It does… Its been like that since like 3.5.

But Its nice to see that CP Rona works!! I want to play but I cant so make sure you play enough for me too :cowboy_hat_face:

They are reducing the FH of the C by 50%, after that I don’t think :vgitem_capacitorplate: will be a good choice anymore.

Agreed. It was fun to use those few games though with the barrier being so large.

I would maybe swap the :vgitem_spellfire: or :vgitem_alternatingcurrent: with :vgitem_dragonseye: or :vgitem_brokenmyth: (depending on the enemy team and what they build).

I feel like you will almost never have time for DE to be worth. Even mages struggle to make it work.

In general fights are shorter than DE value time, so you need to be able to poke before a fight starts to get value out of it. A Rona dive will always be short than that.

Generally I think DE needs a buff as in the current meta/gameplay/balance/etc - it’s almost never worth it over SG. Till you ramp up and compensate for the SG head start with more dmg…
Rona is front liner tho, so he can do autos to stack DE and it’s stack removal is not that fast to go there. The next “burst” she will have quite a few stacks for decent dmg. It’s up to the enemy comp, but you can count that DE as SG.

I want to say that they should buff it for Melee like BP but then Assassins would be too op. But they could just balance the assassins out since they are just like 5 heros in total.