Some thoughts (and questions?) having returned

Hats? They’re super cute. I want them all.

Materials? Excuse me?

Is Sunlight not a thing? Did I already know this, and forget?

Why is my current Battlepass level shown as a notification on the landing screen?

Summer Party Fortress is the best skin to ever exist, and the best skin that ever will exist for the duration of this game’s existence, until the end of time, and even beyond that whatever that may be.

Silvernail is… Boring.

What’s the current meta like, these days? Also, am I crazy, or is defense really lackluster again?

EDIT: Matchmaker is still terrible

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You returned to vainglory?


So imagine MM having a 1/4th chance of giving you a good match. Now dip it into turd and put a hat on it. Devs literally gave up when “chaos q” debuted, allowing anyone to be matched with anyone ( t10 and a noob? sure!)

Essentially everything has gone to shit after 5v5 was released.


That would explain why I’m getting t10 teammates

Edit: I returned after a few months. I was here when 5v5 dropped, I think I must have stopped playing by choice around when Anka came our, but my device at the time broke soon thereafter.

Lol. Yup! my thoughts exactly… which is why i din’t buy him, despite having 40k glory and nothing else to spend it on. I ain’t going to bother buying a hero I don’t like.

i think excoundrel’s video is a good start to get to know the meta.


Our opinions differ on hats, although my objection is principle rather than aesthetic.

To make those super cute hats, you use materials that you can get through events, opals, ICE, or drops.

Sunlight is still a thing but they removed the sundial. Now you can check on your rewards under Season on the main screen. They added 50 levels and paired it with the Battle pass, one side being free. Also, we can now buy sunlight levels with ICE.

Screenshot ? I have no idea

Honestly, I hum the Jaws theme every time I go into brush and am about to gank a lane.

I bought him due to a ridiculous amount of Glory but if I’m being honest, I have only played two Blitz with him. If that.

Three utility tanks and two late game carries is having the most success, that I’ve seen.

Matchmaker has been horrible since Chaos Q but higher tier rank matches feel slightly better recently. However, that’s anectdotal with no evidence


Anka is the best, Lorelai is getting some love due to the meta.

And the current meta makes me want to cry a river since I hate Junglers and some Carries that can become tanks with the newer items.

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SP cath is the best skin in game…fight me…jk

3 tank 2 DPS meta.

SEMC doesn’t see this as a problem. They actually nerfed the clear counter to this (Hi Kensei), so in reality they’re actually ENCOURAGING this slow, unfun, CC stackin strategy.

God is dead. Nivmett was forced to leave in our time of need. Truly, what a time to be alive.


Pretty unfortunate stuff. I’ve been noticing odd patterns in my games so far but this takes the cake

Sooner or later It will end up with 4 Tanks and one hyper carry where you will have to gold funnel everything into them.

Mark my words


After having taken a month’s break just before Anka was released (seriously, after Kensei and Kinetic, I was so done with basic heroes) I came back to find Silvernail, who I actually really like to play. much more to him than there is to any of the previous three. The one thing he (and Anka and Yates) are missing, that do kind of take away from the experience and make me able to understand why you may think he’s boring, is the lack of lore. It just gives me so much less incentive to play the new heroes.

As for hats, why? What is the point? Which brainiac at SEMC was like "matchmaker is broken, there are loads of gameplay affecting bugs in the game, A few unplayable heroes which desperately need a rework, But let’s focus on the real priority: Hats!

As for the whole sunlight thing, It’s just another step towards SEMC’s moneygrabbing madness. I don’t even know where the money’s going, as devs seem to be leaving or having paycuts left right and centre.

Edit: hey look I made a meme


Haha, trust me, I believe it!


Ultracarry Gwen


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Anka is a reality hopping assassin who kills to maintain order in the multiverse