Some Nostalgia


I feel the same way, tbh – even though I’m pretty passionate about League, VG was so easy to play at any time that I played much more VG than any game before or since. And it was excellent back then …


Totally, for me WR is unique game and somewhat replacement for VG 5vs5/ML, but it does not clash with original VG 3vs3… it was unique experience that is not replicated anywhere. Instead of 5vs5 and arguable decisions, SEMC should had changed the skin system to be similar/like LOL so they can profit from the game and grow it with better of everything we got back then. And after than maybe chase 5vs5 in a NEW GAME! Building everything specially for 5vs5 experience, no porting or direct translating! Sure, keep the heroes, but change them to suit 5vs5 while keeping their identity giving them skills that makes sense and fits their soul.


A fun watch. I love FlashX’s support play.