Some non-meta hero paths for 5v5 that can give you success!

Ive reached that stage in the game where i dont care about rank anymore(Am i the only one who feels this way after reaching VG? :stuck_out_tongue: )and so i experiment with a lot of builds. Some of the builds ive had success with-
1)Top lane Ardan- SB, AS, BM/RD, JB/WT, Aegis, MJ/atlas depending if you wanna be the hit and run type or the defense type.
2)Jungle Lance- SB, AS, Aegis, MJ, JB, PW/SSW
3)Bot RIngo- SM, BP, TM, TM. If you know to stutterstep properly, this build is godly on ringo.
4)Mid Koshka- Yeah, you read it right. AS, SF, BM, DEF, DEF, HC. Pair mid koshka with an adagio/ardan and destroy opp laner early-mid game.
5)Mid skaarf- AC, EVE, DE, BM. This works really well only if opponents are mostly melee like alpha, reim, koshka etc.
Let me know if you guys have used any of these builds and if there are other hero paths that arent awful but actually make sense and work!


i play rank very rarely… so i don’t really know rank meta

but ardan top is pretty common in casual, i think…

Me af

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I’ve accepted that I will never get out of T9. So it goes


The best answer I can give you is to party up. Soloq wont make the cut.

I actually perform much better in soloq because I go into it thinking I’m going to hard carry


It feels that way but In the end I soloed to VG xP

Yup ardan top is common but they build stormcrown, AS, and all support items.

Well I mean thats cool, I duoq to VG with me as a carry and my partner as the captain.

Im just sayin Partyq is easier from my experience

Now that i think about it, i was in poa for a year. I guess partying is the easy way out. I used to party with a few people. The thing is if theres someone you regularly play with and you start to realize hes actually holding you back from ranking up, things happen. Similar thing happened to me. I carried my friend to poa silver. I went to poa gold and he got to VG. Hes a vg silver now. Meanwhile i m barely vg xP
Its because of this, i dont like partying much and on top of that, some of us actually play better in soloQ.

This isnt for sure but You need be strong in atleast one wp carry to reach VG. I have gwen. I got to poa bronze with bf. Then they GGed his kit. I was stuck in poa silver forever. I couldnt stutterstep and so no vox and ringo. Then i started playing gwen and the only difference between the poa me and VG me is gwen.

I can hard carry with any roam.

Lane-wise I can hard carry a game with Vox, Sam, Skye, Cel, and Gwen. This is not to say I can’t play others well, just these are my most frequently played. Even for a roam main, my stutter step is nearly perfect with Vox, Skye, and Gwen

My only good-for-T9+ junglers are WP Idris and either BF.

The only skill I’m lacking is in a role I never play, due to its popularity in the playerbase. Even then, I use flexed carries

tbf almost anything can top lane with sc and pw


Aren’t really that off meta… and Ardan can be played with SSW instead of SB so you have more punches and more gauntlets.

This build is good only in mid game and by using SSW, youre cutting off a lot of damage. Buying SSW is again like buying SC which ruins the purpose of using this build. And tbh the cd decrease wont even be noticeable cos he gets vengeance easily using his A and the punches are available very frequently. Sacrificing so much damage for a little more cd isnt the best.

SSW is too underrated try it. Also after all you’re the top laner so even if you are doing damage you won’t be able to hypercarry you need your carries to help you with that so the Vanguards pull through from time to time. If you’re gonna go SB you should just build SB TM TM TM husk.

I have a WP Baptiste build that worked a few updates back, but probably isn’t considered off-meta anymore: SB, BP, SSw, Aegis, AP, JB. SM, PS and PW can also be swapped in if the situation allows/needs them.

Another Baptiste, Captise this time, although this build literally doesn’t work anymore cause RIP Echo… (I’m just mentioning it cause it was kinda weird)
FoR, WT, Echo, AP, Crucible, JB. Yes double boots. the reason for this is you use the Journey boots and echo to double ult from different positions and completely mess up the enemy, and War Treads to help your team out. This was my go-to Captiste build before Echo dieded.

Both these builds are old, I haven’t really been playing enough recently to discover a load of off meta builds like I used to.

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