Some lore stuff courtesy of SugarVenom


Interesting to read.

She says to consider them non-canon or fan fic.

Though, I think it’s semi-canon cause I don’t see the lore getting picked up again by anyone anytime soon.


I wonder where to put this. Maybe Fan Lore? Idk … it’s not official, but it carries more weight than the average fan-made lore, of course. Hmmmm …

EDIT: I decided to put it in Fan Lore. I think your putting SV’s name in the title should be enough emphasis.


I literally came here right now to post this. I love her blog, I’m glad she’s picked it up again.

Anything written by SV is canon to me, even if lore does get picked up again. It would take a lot for anyone to do it with her quality.

I think this also shows how much she still loves vainglory and its whole story. She didn’t want to give this up.


World building is something I’ve always loved to do, dating back to my D&D DM and Traveller GM days. It’s why when I write, I have a timeline and a map in mind for anything but the shortest story. World building is rewarding and addicting.

SV didn’t just write some stories about a game – she created the entire world in which the game’s map & heroes existed. And because of her imagination and her skills as a writer, that world felt almost REAL to many of us.

The loss of those threads that tied the whole game together is one of the major reasons I feel much less of a connection to the game these days.


w a i t


CATHERINE HAD A CHILD?!?!?!? (non canon tho)


Pls be canon…pls be canon…


After the bad aftertaste that Kinetic’s lore left in my mouth, this was refreshing.


I do love world building, and I do love reading ones so well done. I wish I had the skill… I do have a oneNote page full of notes on a civilization I created, but I’m not very far into my first story on it .


SV wrote it and SEMC has completely ditched lore. For all intensive purposes, it’s canon to me


I mean I’m doing my part even though most of my work is not considered canon.