Some Forum Appreciation From Me

So with a lot of stuff such as me deciding to come back to the game and community, the new year starting, and the one-year anniversary of this place slowly coming up this month, I started reminiscing about both these and the old forums and how they’ve impacted me. When I made my account on the old forums, I didn’t really have much intent on using it outside of maybe reporting bugs, especially considering I mainly just lurk around sites and such. I never would’ve expected that I would become somewhat active in the community, making stuff such as my memes, low-quality drawings, and Ozo guide that one time. I’m honestly really glad it turned out this way, though. Being a part of the forum community greatly increased my enjoyment of VG, both in and out of game, provided me with a lot of great times communicating with other players, and allowed me to meet a lot of other great players, such as everyone in SEMF and @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0, whom I’ve become really good friends with. Without this community, I probably would’ve quit VG long ago.
Anyways, cheers to another year of these forums and I hope everyone continues to have good times on here, just as I hope to as well.