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Since all the heat about VG and stuff I know most of us don’t really care whether people get paid or not doing this. So I figured, screw it I will just do my own. This way people can help me with my errors and perhaps I can help people learn a bit more about gamplay. Please give it a chance and comment if you feel I can do better or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… A little deceiving to label the Video as “hyperfarming” … You hit all your power spikes abit late and hit level 12 late as well. Everyone leveled up at an pretty even standard rate. CS per side was pretty even as well.

Hyper Farming to me, means getting 2 levels or more above everyone else, 2 minutes before everyone else. Maybe I’m confusing the definition?

it’s because of your team communication that it worked out good. And I’m surprised Alpha din’t get banned. She’s usually instabanned in draft.

Overall, good job on rotations. Even when mistakes was made, it was made up for. There’s NO such thing as a perfect game, you showed good leadership and shot calling, such as the dragon take decision.

Ahhhh I understand, It wasnt meant for me but more for the CELESTE carry. While she clears out the LANE she needs to just step into the zone to get the GOLD and EXP BUFFS from my passive. Same with Kestrel. I basically dont take the jungle “for myself” but allow my carries to “hyperfarm and get passive” if that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yo Eknova good to see you on here!

Wassup Broooooooooooo. Where you been?

Still hiding out with the Nymphs. Love to play with you more, but as I’m not at home I don’t speak to Anti so often… I’d join you but I can’t really give up my place at the Nymphs.

No need to give up anything really, we can just make the party and add.

Another 1, Casual 5v5 this 1 is a killing fest for IDRIS. We blind picked heros and just went with it. Needed to assist TAKA top lane into a SAW and ARDAN. Pls feel free to check it out guys