Some changes to Blackfeather

NOTE: I’m not really a numbers person for a theoretical situation I mostly like to think about damage potential in any case not like oh “Rigo has 71 base damage if you give him that he’s too OP.”

Alright so now onto Blackfeather. With the next hero coming soon being very close to Blackfeather which makes sense because, in all honesty, Blackfeather is just the base of every single warrior/assassin coming soon in a sense.

Blackfeather might for his WP path have the most useless perk in the game. Hearts. These hearts legit do nothing for WP Blackfeather atm besides looking cool. So instead of SEMC completely removing parts of Blackfeather I think they should just make it revolve around his hearts.

Here are some ideas as to what can happen to make Blackfeather the ultimate duelist. Nothing more and nothing less than that:

  • Having 5 hearts on an enemy will cause On Point to slow that enemy (scales with WP.)

  • Having 5 hearts on an enemy will lower the cooldown of Feint of Hearts by 1 sec per basic attack, similar to WP Idris’s A.

  • Blackfeather’s On Point barrier now scales with the amount of damage On Point did to the enemy.

In Depth:
Change #1: Having 5 stacks on an enemy doesn’t feel very rewarding for a WP Blackfeather, but a slow will make BF sticky once again and it also affects only heroes with 5 stacks on them making his alias of being a duelist more visible.
Change #2: This is done to give BF more mobility without being too broken (if this was done to his ultimate that would be just too much) so Feint of Hearts is a good option and again makes him sticky a duelist should be able to weaken someone and even kill the under turret if their at low life.
Change #3: This was done to differentiate the playstyle of CP and WP. CP BF many would say is a poke assassin but in reality, he isn’t, imo I see him more as a snowball carry that does tremendous damage. A CP BF who managed to kill people should get a thicc barrier to keep him alive. A WP BF who managed to get fed should be able to 1v1 anyone.

I was just thinking how come the new hero gets to have a STUN and our BF ain’t got nothing. If I over did him with buffs woops no hate plOx


Bring back :rose: trail will be the best thing seems has done

i posted by accident im sed now :frowning:

Why sad? You can edit to add more or post in a reply what else you wanted to

hahaa yeahh

30 anime characters

Just fully rework Blackfeather tbh. I like these ideas but Blackfeathers kit currently just is not fun to play, while not being completely trash (for 5v5). He’s usable as a semi brain dead jump on the enemy carries face during laning phase guy, who can trade well and scales decently into late game, and uses SM BP to be a big boy bruiser so he can hopefully sustain through all the damage being flung at him. Essentially, he’s a discount Rona.
I hate it.
Blackfeather used to be fun, man. He used to have the THICCest executes, have great mobility with his ult. He had unique effects, like his rose trail and the only WP scaling execute in the game.
I think they just need to fully rework his A. It’s an ability that went from his most interesting and impactful ability into a gimmicky and cheesy early game engage + free chunk.
Of course, reduce the CD of his ult too. It’s incredibly unfun when you have to wait an hour for both charges of his CURRENTLY most fun to use ability.


Tbh I guess there isn’t anyway to go around it, Rose Trail is BF and BF is Rose Trail.