Social media pages got hacked or something coming?

did you guys see this on FB and Twitter?

not sure what is going on, but they said this is how Glaive see the world… :sad:

update: ok even the Vietnamese language page is like this too, soooo maybe something is really coming… really

update 2: Singapore page is like this as well, but seems like the others are still normal

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I too think that they’ been hacked since this has never happened before

I see that the main VG account, VG Status, VG Indonesia, and VG Singapore & Malaysia are red. Guess it’s the ones that are active that are being updated (or hacked, but with multiple accounts, I doubt this theory a bit).

Some people said that they celebrate Chinese New Year, but I doubt it since their youtube channel also red.

I wanna believe maybe they’re giving their image a make over, so no more storm queen with a 5v5 banner? Feels odd if all this is for something in the next update or doubt someone is actually screwing with the accounts

My suspicion is that it’s another one of their social media team’s attempts to generate interest.

They need to hire people who understand social media better, imo.

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I can confirm that the VG subreddit’s red banner was intentionally changed. One of the moderators responded to my comment on a thread asking why the banner was red.

Link to thread with comment:

[ Moderator edit: fixed link to enable OneBox ]

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Giggles , oh my god they think we got hacked kek ~ the Devs

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Glaive is related to the new hero.

Most likely. If not, then she might be related to Koshka since she grew up in a Grangor village. Maybe even the mentor of Koshka :potoo:


Of course, cant you see shes a female? Its 2019 and we need to stop assuming genders based on appearance :crazy_face:

Just kidding, my bad I wrote too fast

Discord is the same. At first look I thought one of my servers just completely shut down. Turned out to be VG just creating drama and wanting to be noticed again. Make the community freak out for no reason. Oh, the extent they’ll go for attention :joy:


Vainglory :point_up:


It’s probably a low-budget form of adver/teaser. SEMC can create hype but cant live up to it. Why bother?

Here’s how u SHOULD NOT create hype:
A. Put out vague, over-dramatic teaser.
B. Go a head and release 5 re-colored Celeste skins.
C. *the community: :v (ew) (sO oRiGinAL)

Here’s how u SHOULD create hype:
A. Put out vague teaser hinting at one thing
B. Release something unexpected that would wow the majority by surprise
( like a Legendary Lorelai skin or rehiring SugarVenom)
C. *the community: :o (shook) (all the PIKACHUS)

But remember, this is VG, it’s good of course, but i don’t think it can get that much better anytime soon.

on a side note, their website contents are mostly rotten. Last hero update was Silvernail I think.
and the bad social medias contents that they have lately (not very lately but for at least longer than a year now).
We sure can assume that CaptainNeato let his 15 yo daughter run the online marketing dept now.

but seriously, where have VG burnt all their money to if not marketing?

Yeah that’s possible. I just meant that if they changed their picture to what Glaive sees it’s almost certainly related to the new hero as they’re both grangors. So it doesn’t make sense to think they’ve been hacked in my opinion. Just some upcoming teaser.

Completely off topic, but I love the surplus if RWBY gifs you have

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Lol, I do have quite a collection … :wink:


Is it safe to assume that a majority of them are of Yang?