So whats with the crazy high amount of dodgers?

As if it wasn’t bad enough waiting for que times to pop, now we need to flip a coin to see if someone wont dodge now? I don’t remember but was it always like this?


Seems to me like since 5v5 gained rank the community has been ever increasing slaty at semc and other players

The lpq punishment and elo loss on dodge is removed from 5v5 ranked so people don’t care at all. SEMC making the same mistake as last year.

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Source? If that’s true that’s a bs move. I literally can’t remember a time when everyone accepted/no one dodged in draft.

I’m especially salty because after 5 mins of matchmaking, we had a stellar draft, got literally all of the top picks, then the enemy dodged. After another 4 or so minutes, I was forced into captain for players 2 tiers below me against players of my tier.

It’s a mobile game. Honest to God, don’t expect much.

In casual I don’t in rank I expect a little more

It isn’t actually, I got one recently.

From 5v5 ranked? Not other modes.

A friend told me, after that personal experience. When I solo/duo/trio I check my team in vgpro. If I got t4s I just dodge. If someone wants to join and they’re late same. I’ve dodged more than 10 times already and got nothing, lost nothing.

I just noticed this yesterday. for some reason most of my queue times were much shorter than usual (I was playin solo for once that may have made a difference) but I kept getting queue dodgers.

You can get lpq for dodging in 5v5 ranked but there is no elo penalty

I personally haven’t seen too many dodgers but a lot of afk some a in and out but most just straight up afk

None of the people I know has ever gotten it from 5v5 ranked game. Including me.