So, what about the 5v5 badge?

I remember players who pre-registered were told they’d get a founding 5v5 members or something badge. Is it due for 3.0 or is it already out? Haven’t seen it for now.

I believe that’s slated to appear in 3.0


Yeah, I’d say it’s going to be in the 3.0 update.

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Since the actual official release is on 3.0 it only makes sense on my mind to give it on that update.

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I suspect it may even come after that.

I have seen several expressions of how it will be triggered or awarded, but one quite common account is that it will be awarded if you play 5v5 in the first week it is available in 3.0.

My question is what the things that are in the loading screen now? (where the previous season rank is). Ive seen 95% of people have but why? Whats it supposed to be?

That’s the founding players badge that was given to anyone who played a 5v5 match in 3.0. The previous season rank doesn’t show up in 5v5 matches because ranked 5v5 obviously wasn’t a thing last season.

also necro…

Love how the only thing us golden ticket holders get was Kraft Lance, so those badges mean nothing :^)

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