So Taka is basically cancer on 5v5

After playing a lot of 5v5 since release, I noticed a problem. scout cams dont regen fast enough to keep up with taka. Even if the support gets the super scout its not fast enough. they have flare gun but It has no upgrade path so the support will have to dedicate a slot just for you. Its easy to just push a lane and ninja away if the enemy comes. I’d say he is a top tier hero in 5v5 for sure.

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Yeah, I’ve found Taka to be an absolute menace so far …

Would be great if the flare gun can be upgraded to something useful for the support like it’s in 3vs3. I agree.


The new vision system is interesting.

The trick for dealing with Taka is holding vision to drop when he engages. The other trick is to bait him into over engaging and then just blowing him up - he is still pretty squishy.

But yes he is very hard to deal with, second only to Flicker in terms of annoyance level I think.

I think his legendary talent is too good.

No talents in 5vs5 tho (nor 3v3 standard game mode). :stuck_out_tongue:

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True I forgot :joy: thank god that would be so op in 5v5…

Hmm… Surprisingly I haven’t tried taka yet seems like a good idea to win games

Varya is also insane OP. They nerfed Cath into potato so that she couldn’t stun the whole 5 person team for 4 seconds … but that’s kinda what Varya’s ult does in a big team fight. The whole team has to stop hitting, run, taking damage, and the bug decisive fights I’m 5v5 are often in the open so it’s like gg.

Is cath that potato now I haven’t tried her yet??

This is why I miss Contraption so much in 5v5…because scout cam is not enough.

Yes they reduced her stun from 1.0 sec to 0.7 (!). It does nothing now. A lag spike slows you down more.

Oh yessss
I mean oh nooo, there will be instalock taka meta again

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Yep, he’s cancer.
Tho while mid laning as CP Ringo, I always kept one cam as backup and used to put it right in the middle of the lane. I could see him when he tried engaging with Kaku, and if he engaged with retsu, he couldn’t go invis and escape due to that cam.
That actually helped a lot, and my team basically focused him after that and ggez
Edit: so it said that I have the “Early adopter” badge, but it isn’t displayed below my name when I post something?

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If you head to your profile page, under preferences, scroll down a bit, and you can select a title. Available titles are from certain badges you’ve earned or can earn in the future. :slight_smile:

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Ayy ty that worked ^^
30 chars ok


Bruh yeah he is a cancer, he is my main and he is the only hero ive been using in 5v5, i had like 14/0, they had flicker and he is also op, but he cant counter me


„Ive been playing a lot of 5v5“. The gamemode is out since 2 days and there is no real tactics nor any meta yet. Taka can be countered easily just like in 3v3 by the captain using a scout cam (he needs to upgrade his cams so he has more). As a support you should always have 1 scout cam left if youre about to teamfight against a taka. Please keep playing the mode for 2 weeks and after that period of time you can tell us which hero you find overpowered.


My main problem with Taka is his speed. Many characters had their out of combat mobility reduced (mostly through increasing CDs) but Taka and his box can be abused to cross the map at very high speeds. That combined with their tendency to camp a lane that’s struggling for several minutes at a time is enough to make me want to pull my hair out.

Yeah OP is right about Take. Between the weak vision system, huge map with endless hiding places, Take is hopelessly, stupidly OP. Like so much I’m done. Anyone want my Golden ticket?

Problem is it’s going to rain 3v3. Cath already wrecked. Meg-nerf to Take has to be next. The game cannot be tuned for both modes.