So...Someone Just Called Me Godly After Game

Lol I went Magnus. Carried so hard my team just started jungling end game. We finished with minions killing the crystal and someone from the enemy team added me and told me the whole enemy team was betting on how many kills I was gonna get! Made me feel good to get recognition but if it wasn’t for my team playing well, taking their individual lane turrets, and covering each other, I wouldn’t have had the time to really go for kills.

Gotta say, after a night of pure trolls and bad teamwork it felt good to get a good team and a good game. Reinforces my idea that I should never play this game unless it’s after midnight.


Good work mate, a good magnus really can put in the work, especially if the enemy is accommodating in regard to clumping up.

Man it was crazy! We got to one team fight and all I did was hang back and A and B to keep stunning the enemy. My team was getting low, the enemy was getting low, the enemy made the mistake of trying to push on us to get the wipe, then they saw the ult start and all scattered but…too late. 2 died in the initial ult, everyone else that scattered got hit by the perk, and like 5 seconds later someone else got killed going to base by mortal wound lol. It didn’t give me the penta for it though xD. Worst part about it is if I had missed we would have been all killed and they would have unleased blackclaw!