So...matchmaker not balanced yet?

We all know it was really bonky in early access, but that’s because it was early access.
Even then, I saw a couple of threads about how unbalanced it was.
Well, why is no one saying anything about that now?
Is the matchmaker suddenly balanced after 3.0 was released?

Because I keep getting matched with t4 bronze-gold in my team, and then the very next match there’s a POA gold in my team…
Same with the enemy. Sometimes unranked-t4 and then t7-t9 (almost never vgr tho)

And no, I don’t play in 5 man parties, all these examples are from my soloQ matches.
I don’t mind being matched against t9s, but what sucks is getting t4s on my team against those t9s.

Anyone experiencing similar issues or does the matchmaker have something against me?


Lol, I think you are missing a ton of comments here (and on Reddit, Twitter, etc.) about how crappy the matchmaking is …

Tl;dr: it’s still horrific

It’s just a test. It’ll be more balanced in the near future with rank coming up etc…

Oh my bad then…
Iam not on Reddit nor Twitter, so maybe I didn’t realize >_<

No worries! (I hate Reddit, tbh) I agree with you completely.


i finally hit the matchmaking wall… after a winning streak… i’m finally hitting a losing streak… 3 losses… all from afk, trolls and just really bad skills.

I know they are working on the matchmaker. (Straight from the the horse’s mouth, as it were.) So they’re aware of the issues. Don’t know if changes are coming as hotfixes or whether we’ll have to wait for 3.1 …

That is exactly why iam not on Reddit haha
It’s just a ‘lets upvote memes’ fest apparently…

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Yes very messed up matchmaking, many afks,…bad pings like 2000-3000ms

I don’t know about ranked match but about this casual 5v5 maybe yeah but it just those t9 even t10 is like get boosted their gameplay actually same like those t4 or unranked. And t6 is like VGL guy no Kappa. They just died 4 time and AFK or just play normally but destroyed by t4-t6 scrub :confused:

Honestly I had better chance of getting good players in beta.

As long as I have a carry myself I win…
100% winrate with gwen 80% with Carry in general.

Just don’t play captain unless you want to play Flicker lol.

Only did one jungle so can’t comment on that objectively. (Was a monstrous win)

I’ve said this elsewhere but effectively the matchmaker is learning at the moment - so its necessarily painful until it has decent data on all of us.

I have won a good amount of jungle games. If you’re good with Tako or Koshka god forbid you’re good with both like I am then wins come easily if your laners do not get absolutely smacked easily

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But can’t it just match us using our 3v3 MMR?
That wasn’t perfect, but not this broken too.
I don’t remember getting any t4s in ranked, nor any t9s
(Iam talking about before 5v5 early access was released)

Idk…maybe the early access messed up the MMR or something? lol

I preferred beta where we got spanked over and over by 5 man pros/VG teams. At least those matches had some sort of tension, as neither team knew what they were fully doing.

Now it’s just t4s or t10/pros. Party queue is still janky.

Hey, atleast you don’t have to wait 20 minutes for a match…

As I understand it the mmr you start with in 5v5 is based off a compressed version of your 3v3 mmr. So yes better than nothing. But not great.

Still I would fight T9-10 over t4 and below

Ah I see…
Do you happen to know how would the 5v5 rank MMR/starting vst be decided?
I hope we don’t all start from rank 1, and I certainly hope that it’s not based of our victories in 5v5 casuals, since everyone is just learning rn…