So I suck at Magnus xD

Anyone have a recommended build other than the normal layout they give you in game? Tips for landing the most amount of damage? Right now I typically just auto attack minions, poke with A when the enemy overextends and then try to nail them with a double B. How is everyone else playing him? And by suck I mean my KDA isn’t bad but my teams aren’t winning.

20% gold share
K/P: 58%

Haven’t tried him yet, but try an AS build. He’s got that perk I think you could combine it with AS. Either that or just go standard SG/BM/FB. (I don’t think DE will be ideal on him, he’s too bursty. SF is always situational.)

Here is where my noobness shines through! Is AS attack speed or is it Aftershock?

SG = Shatterglass

BM = Broken Myth

FB = Frostburn

I figured it out. Got it! Thanks for the reply.

Overall I don’t think its been me that has been the issue in these matches but I have played a role. I have now won 3 of the last 4 but the loss didn’t hurt my ranks since it was a game where we had a deserter. I went 1-0, then lost 4 in a row and wanted to throw my phone, and I went 5 wins and 2 losses since.

Tried it, he has the anka syndrome. He needs raw cp and does better than the AS build.

My build I have been using:

  1. Shatterglass - The highest standard damage item he can use
  2. Clockwork - Energy refresh and cooldown reduction.
  3. Halcyon Chargers - Speed and cooldown reduction.
  4. Spellfire - More damage and a damage over time.
  5. Dragonseye - Fights later in game often have a lot of poke and I get to stay in combat waiting for my shot.

Thinking about dropping Clockwork for Eye of Harvest and Dragonseye for Broken Myth.

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You should only do that if you’re really good at at getting massive bounces. If not, having more cooldown is worth it than getting Eve and only getting one or two bounces.

Build wise he does great with Spellfire, Eve of Harvest, Broken Myth, Dragons Eye.

Fit halcyon chargers in sooner rather that later, and buy the defense of your choice, though Aegis is generally the best if you can block.

Not gonna lie, he’s suspiciously balanced…

It’s Aftershock. In articles that are focused around auto attacks and attack speed people use AS for attack speed sometimes though. But usually it’s specified in the beginning. In general it’s Aftershock.

I was just worried about going over the cooldown reduction cap and having it be a wasted slot vs cooldown with the chargers and eye.

Quick tip: If you’re on a loss streak, or are just feeling tilted (like you want to throw your phone) generally, take a break. Play some brawl if you must, but I think taking a break from the game completely is the best idea. Come back later, when you’re relaxed again. It’s a lot harder to win if you’re tense and frustrated.

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Appreciate the advice. The frustrating part was trying to figure out how I could be doing more to help the team. Two of those games it was simply an AFK player and I hate just quitting but I learned that if they go AFK and don’t come back after 5 minutes we should likely agree to the surrender and get ready for the next game.

if you have the time and patience, try analysing your matches using the replay function, and go over what you’re doing wrong and how to improve it.

Advice shamelessly stolen from physiX