So I Just Had An EPIC 30 Minute ARAL

And oh was it sweet. Most fun I’ve had in Vainglory in a looong time. We went back and forth so many times and everyone did well.

Something about the experience of being full build and just going all out with pure strategy and skill…they should put that in a game mode.


Those kind of matches are what I miss about the old days …

Glad you had a good one!!!


Yes. It definitely brought on some nostalgia.

Edit: Oh but I forgot to mention the heartbreaking part. We didn’t actually get a winner. The enemy celeste gave up after 30 mins and let us kill her. We had made it as far as their crystal and they had 2 turrets to take out on our side.

I don’t blame her. It was an exhausting fight. I play mostly ARAL nowadays and it reminds me what I don’t miss about ranked lol. I really do wish they would make a game mode where you could start with a full build hero and just go at it like that with raw hero mastery and build knowledge.

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