So apparently free chests are cool now


Today I got Gwen’s legendary talent from a free daily chest, and then two of Fortress’s epic talents from completing a quest. (it was ‘play a blitz match’ or something). Both of these were new talents I didn’t have before. I also noticed glory rewards were bumped from what I usually get. Were chests changed? Is this normal? Did I just hit a lucky streak?

Also, when picking a category I notice there’s no option for ‘VG as a whole’. They’re all quite specific. Are there plans to add a general thread?


Yeah they said they would fix the drop rates - that sounds pretty good.

I moved this to ui since I think it fit there - I was resistant to having a general but its looking more and more likely.


This could maybe go to Skins and Crafting, which might get renamed to something like Skins, Talents, Etc… not sure. In the meantime, we’re waiting a little bit to see how people interact with the categories, then we can run a poll and see what changes we should make.


They seem to have improved from 2.12 launch (when you’d get glory in the single digits). But even with improved numbers, you have probably hit a lucky streak.

I am getting around 2 or 3 rare talent coins and approximately 25 glory from my chests on average.


We need a place for VG game related stuff
#VG Strategy for all in game VG stuff like builds comps drafts and certain plays etc.
#VG community for all things VG related outside actual playing.


Right now the categories are very unrelated to the game itself we need a non forum section or 2 like I suggested to @idmonfish.

(Trying quote and tag)


Thats a good set of suggestions - so would you shuffle the existing categories around to be subsections of these? Or add these as new categories?

Either way I think this needs to be a topic to discuss in forum stuff.


The useful posts should go. It is a very wide division of topics.

Right now I can only safely find things via the new tab. The UI is cluttered with posts instead of topics first the type of post #Strategy #Forum stuff #skins etc then we can click what we want and then see related posts.

This would be my suggestion.
I couldn’t even find my own thread…


My chests are not too good, but I can see a major spike in glory gains. The chest increase is probably related to blueprints. Glory before 2.12 was around 900. Now, I’ve hit about 2100.


I have gotten 3 epic talents yesterday. This new talent system might make them not pay to win.

Having options in talents would make brawls way more enjoyable.


I’ve got the SAME 3 talents in same quantity for the last 4 chests… at this point I feel like I can see the future. Also, always rare :confused:
Since the talents system came out I’ve gained… 1 Legendary talent, 4 epic ones (literally)… gg wp SEMC. I guess I’m not what I would classify as a “lucky player”.

Too many categories