So...After Winter Days Dark With Trolling, I Had THE Most Epic Match Ever

And didn’t get it recorded because I suck at editing. But yeah. Me? Samuel. Carried my WHOLE TEAM ALL GAME. I’m talking pushing back enemies, lane to lane, dragon, like every single thing. I never realized just how beast Samuel is but like every meaningful kill was me. That guy is op by endgame. Jeez. So is Skye.

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None of them op in late game though. Congrats for the win! +3 elo

I love Samuel. I am trying to play as Magnus but I win a lot with Samuel so I have been climbing ranks with him instead. 70+ win rate for a new player still learning so much about this game has been kind of a crutch for me lol


Lmao dude i almost single handedly whopped 5 trying people’s butts until next monday for 20 min. Samuel is oppp lmao. You had to see how bad it was. I really do wish I had it recorded but my score was 13/3/11 with 2k more than the next highest person who also had 12 deaths. 12! Man.

@Varking he’s a really sttong pick. Just keep pushing and eventually you’ll rank. Unless you face me! :wink: Good luck and hard fights!

Oh I am new new to the game so I have a ways to go before I am good lol. Started this season with no rank and I am around 6 silver. Hoping to make it to rank 7 today since I don’t have work.


You’re better than a lot of people just from your attitude alone. Keep enjoying the game. Hopefully we’ll have a match sometime!


If they don’t have any way to dive he is oppressive. His strongest state is early-mid, though he is also good late game, as long as he doesn’t have many assassins. You don’t need to tell me ho strong he is lol, how do you think I climb? Reza and Samuel.

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Oh. My. Gosh. True but man…they had cath and skye and skaarf AND Kinetic AND someone else and they practically lost to one guy for what it was worth…I’m not sure a hero should be so strong…

None of them worth fearing as Samuel. The only real problem can be Skye, but with her skill cap and at least a team that knows how to press the attack button, she shouldn’t be that much of a problem, specially because she has 0 back up whatsoever to help her. If she was CP it’s even better, once she wastes her B to dive she doesn’t have much mobility and as she needs to hit her A it’s very predictable.

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I have Reza unlocked but haven’t played. You think he is strong like Samuel too?

He is probably stronger, just because he is IMO the best top laner as he seems the only one to have a chance to win.

Reza is one of the strongest heroes due to his mobility and range, though his A is really just to build stacks of de and get as and his perk off. His strongest build maximizes B and C but he might need to range depending. But Samuel is stronger. Once you get a Sf and frostburn on him he’s practically unkillable if he doesn’t wanna die. He just kills…everyone. Only person who can really stomp him is like kestrel or something. You just can’t fight him once he has a slow and mortal wounds. A whole team has to back up and if you max his B instead of C it’s just an everlasting push into your base or on dragon, whatever. I thought Reza and Baron were bad but Samuel and Skye take it to a whole other level like, I don’t see any hole to attack him once he’s late game. It felt unfair as fun as it was for me because i did 5 people’s jobs better than them and it felt wayy too easy. Only other hero that bad is skaarf with defense because he can just zoom in and roast a whole team from considerable distance. Another hero that doesn’t have like, a specific hole to attack them if they’re good late game. People hate SAW and Baron but they’re some of the fairest heroes in terms of their kit. Some heroes in good hands have almost no natural significant weak spots and it’s kinda toxic but hey. I feel like going wp or capt now because cp heroes late game have become so strong. Oh and they had yates or glaive. I forget. I really feel bad for them because they just couldn’t do anything from close, from afar, anywhere without eating damage. Varya is like that too. It’s kinda toxic but hey I didn’t make them that way.

Nah, Kestrel isn’t really a problem for him.

His B offers nothing when overdriven.

Baron is shit though. Every assassin can kill Samuel. And Celeste, Magnus maybe but idk haven’t seen him enough.
Kinetic is also a problem for him.

With no mobility, so it’s quite easy to kill unless his team is focused in defending him, but so can you do for diving.

What Kestrel as cp can own him but she needs a distraction or hes gonna get her minion wave down and push her, and his B overdriven with spellfire and frostburn? It’s hell. Frostburn petal minions hell. He doesn’t even have to help his team, just stand around and as long as his team is competent they win. By end game I literally just stood there and B and we just pushed everybody around.

Baron definitely ain’t shit to me. All you gotta do is bomb minion waves with him and you can never take his lane. You don’t even need a capt with him there. Just plant a baron in a lane and he’s not gonna get it taken even against a whole team as long as he has his items. And assassins don’t do well into Samuel. If he pops a B he will destroy a diver, and his C is just there to save himself or leave enemies frustrated. Maybe Skye can get on him by jumping around but he can just run from anything too bad and if he gets any distance on you or can B up it’s just like…quit. Don’t bother following him. He just sucks the life outta you.

As for skaarf he don’t need much in the way of cp because of his base damages. Most people don’t but if you build a sh on him and boots like all you gotta do is spam a and b until you get enough de stacks, find a good time, pop boots and ult, and nobody lives. It’s really kinda ruthless that some heroes can have almost no weaknesses if you build em right.

Magnus is much more difficult to play for sure. Skills from getting comfortable on Samuel will help on him, positioning and aiming skill shots and so on.

Just some tips for playing magnus:

He relies on his ult to make big plays, keep in mind it’s cooldown and play around it, and don’t commit to aggressive plays unless you have it up.

Magnus has poor wave clear, your best shot for clearing is to B the entire wave, A a marked minion to bounce onto all of them, then basic off all the marks.

Remember not to always basic attack off the marks, often using them for the ability effects is most usefull, especially in a teamfght. A into B for a double stun can be a great way to peel if you get ganked, and B into A for the splash (or A into A with cooldown late game) is the perfect set up for his ult.

The highest single target burst on magnus (without his ult) is, A, basic attack, B (first pass) basic attack, B (second pass) basic attack. You don’t get any stun or splash but the burst can easily chunk down carries from half HP.

Finally remember you are a late game carry, focus on farming up for late game over being aggressive and rotating early.


CP kestrel is dead, if you lose to her you just played bad.

Other than the cost there is no difference between lvl 4 DD and lvl 5 DD.

One match, against what seems players that doesn’t know how to beat Samuel.

WP or CP? Also, energy problems are still a think, and his early game is next to 0. If you can’t push against him, you are doing something wrong.

By his own unless he counters you he is ez to kill.

They literally hard counter him. For his ult, they can either dodge it easlily or just block it. His B won’t help him against them.

So can they.

He is squishy, once you reach him he is dead. You can always push him out of his DD.

If that was true he would be an early game hero, but he is a late game hero.

What tier is that? They can’t even kill an immobile squishy hero whose abilities are relatively easy to dodge? He can build whatever he wants, he still has clear weaknesses.

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A simple range nerf to Rezas A will easily impact his laning phase.

Because of how long it is ( :smirk: kek), it allows him to easily to get his perk on the enemy laner and do his thingy mc combo stuff.

Just remember before his Fluidity and A range buff was, he was still existant but not annoying because he had more counter play to him.

That what I stated cannot be denied cuz it was recorded in the hellhole called reddit

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Much appreciate man. People like you are what helps the community feel good. I see you constantly posting stuff in detail and giving it real thought. Thanks a lot.


Important note. His ult is more effective at the later stages of a fight as missiles of his A bounce from every enemy you kill with his ult, so the later you use it the more chances you have to kill someone with it, and more chances of missiles bouncing (which also bounce when hitting marked enemies).

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I agree with all of your points but 1 thing. At least in 5v5 Skaarf is an early bully. Not the lategame powerhouse he used to be. Not saying he’s bad lategame but he lacks the needed AoE unless he’s snowballing which is again early game related. And his damage early is insane.