So, a new item got teased

I think it works like husk, if the damage is more than the health left on the target, it blocks it.

But if the damage is less than the targets current health, it doesnt work.

Example is that ringos AA dealt half of the remaining health on the near death petal.

Item probably has a 90 second or 120 second cooldown

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Prepare the salt hazard suits! I sense it will be highky concentrated!


What is C&C rivals?

30 charssssss

Lots of changes = salt concentrated. In all honestly, I’m tired of having lots of changes every update, like a little bit of consistency would be good, at least for more than 1 update.


It’s hard to get changes just enough to balance people’s expectations and such.

I’m so used to just adapting as I see fit.

‘Balance Changes’ will always bring salt. It’s so common that I can’t help but shake my head at people’s complains everytime it comes around.

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Command and Conquer: Rivals.

Another mobile game Excoundrel and some VG vets seems to into right now.

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I can’t tell if it’s a damage/stun/burn block only because phinn and baptiste not there to show us if they going to move her or she blocks them , probably can’t block pull or fear because they chose the heroes in the video for a reason , and I don’t know if it’s going to make assassins powerful ?!

lmao and you still get these guys saying: “Uhh this patch was to set things up… They made lots of changes, give it time to settle down”

Vainglory has some serious identity issues, cam we get a patch without semc breaking everything and screwing over new players trying to learn for no reason at all?

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Command and conquer rivals.

New mobile game with real time strategic battles on a board (with actual tiles). I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it, there is a lot of strategy and potential for micro and macro play, it’s a lot like a RTS, and has a lot of unique mechanics.

It does use the Clash Royale formula but it does not bother me that much personally.

Yo, the name and stats got revealed.


they actually said 3.8 was only the beginning and 3.9 would follow up on them with other big changes. they were very open about it and we knew this was coming.

I really don’t know what people want, the game to be improved and get to a stable place quickly, or to have minor updates and change at a glacial place. Everyone wan’t more items, now we get a major update that adds items vainglory has “identity issues”?

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Only against abilities? That doesn’t defend against Vox or idris, not CP AC Lyra.

Yep, I agree – everything we’ve heard about the update sounds very positive to me. It’s great to see them focused on improving QoL and gameplay rather than just adding cosmetics and balancing.


Except one thing: today is the update streaming and we still don’t know Magnus abilities? Huh. The time of the streaming is horrible for me. Other than that the update seems quite good.

lmao @anon53431234

Very vague description. Doesn’t list how long the immunity lasts or any stats for the item (CD bonus, armor/shield, health bonus, energy regen, ect).

Because it blocks abilities and debuffs, I’m betting on it having higher shield than armor (which only helps to make Aegis even more useless than it already is).

Assuming next patch’s hero buffs and nerfs hurt CP more than help it (I’m anticipating an Anka nerf, a Reza nerf, and possibly a Skaarf nerf as well), WP could be the dominant path come 3.9 if TB isn’t gutted too severely and if SM isn’t nerfed into the ground.

Honestly though, I don’t really want new items at the moment. Tweak the QOL the game has to offer and focus on improving both 3v3, 5v5, and making Blitz less cancerous than it currently is.

Seriously, people who are crusading for new additions to the four main item trees have their priorities twisted in my honest opinion.

ok… Arent you just a negative bubble :flicker:

What are you talking about? I’ve already given kudos to SEMC for finally sorting out the game’s reconnect issues.

My issue with Shroud is that the game already has enough sustain and tank items in it (Husk, Flask, EoH, MJ, Cruc, FoR, Cap Plate, RD, ect). There are a host of roam heroes who can grant their allies health, barriers, and fortified health. There are healing camps scattered throughout the jungle for both 5v5 and 3v3 and there are items that assist heroes in sustaining in lane for extended periods of time (like BoE). Some of the most powerful heroes this late in the patch are sustained orientated (CP Vox and any WP hero that can use SM efficiently).

Shroud is just patching a problem that was fixed already by pre-nerf Crucible. The only reason why it was nerfed was likely because the 10 kids in T10 who can actually use it competently were so damn good at it that all of the jungle and carry mains eventually became furious that they couldn’t delete people in lane in 2 seconds like they were accustomed to doing pre-5v5.

My vote? Skip Shroud, buff Crucible, and get good. Nerf sustain and then you can gank.

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Quick screen grab below from the dev stream today (this might have been mentioned somewhere else in the forum, not sure). SurpriseBirthday mentioned the immunity lasts about a half second, which sounds way better than the 3s span some people were saying in discord chats. It’ll prevent an instant kick-back from an Afterburn, but if the Glaive triggers the immunity with the initial pass, then waits a beat, he’ll have you. It’ll be interesting to see it in action.

Also, 3.9 will have some related changes to Husk: