So, a new item got teased

What do you all think?

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Reflex block and husk fused to create the ultimate fighter


Finally new item.

I can imagine this item being the most obnoxious thing ever

On what basis do you say that? I think we need more information, because other than that one clip, there’s nothing else known yet.

I expect it to prevent the user from dying in exchange of not being able to move.

Perhaps delayed damage maybe just might maube

Wtf??? None damage taken…


Cause the clip cleary shows that it grants imunity to damage, its just frustrating to play against specially for combo reliant characters.
Edit: The petal didnt get stunned by the reim ult and ins’t burning from ringo’s ult meaning it also grants imunity to all forms of crowd control.

New feature and a defense tree addition, maybe Vg is changing for the better good


Not op. Ppl have been on about cc. Seems like this counters it.

Is this one of those “vegetative state” things where you don’t take any damage, but you don’t get to move (or do anything in general)? Seems like a good chunk of duration. :scream:

She takes damage from Ringo basic attack, so it’s probably just CP damage.

I think it blocks ult damage only

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I think that too, which would make for some interesting nuances. For example, what about Vox’s ult? Would it block the initial damage or the ensuing bounces, which is where the real damage is?

Maybe, so the bounce affects others but not the hero with that defense item.

I think it works like husk, if the damage is more than the health left on the target, it blocks it.

But if the damage is less than the targets current health, it doesnt work.

Example is that ringos AA dealt half of the remaining health on the near death petal.

Item probably has a 90 second or 120 second cooldown

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Prepare the salt hazard suits! I sense it will be highky concentrated!


What is C&C rivals?

30 charssssss