Snow effect is extremely CPU-intensive


Can you set up an option to disable this or provide a timeout on the effect? My phone is about ready to cook an egg.


wait what snow effect are you talking about?


There’s a theme called “VGForums - No Snow” that will solve that for you.


Actually while beautiful and bringing mood, the snow effect really takes it’s tole on the CPU. Even my MAC with i5 2/4 is jumping to 100% CPU usage with that effect on (actually I noticed it on the mac as it’s warning me for high power usage on the forums tab). My note 9 (exynos) is totally fine and fast performing, but I guess it will drain somewhat the battery if I use the forum extensively. :smiley:


Consider switching browsers, perhaps? Firefox handles the effect with aplomb, even on the crappy hardware I have at work.

In any case, you can switch to the non-snow theme as above if need be. :wink:


I found it before this post, like 2-3h. Well, it runs bad on chrome too. Little bit better, but not by much (80%).
I stopped using firefox after the great 3.x versions, it’s downhill from there imho. :slight_smile:


The new Quantum versions won me back … you ought to try it – beats the crap out of Chrome, imo.