Smol talk on LoL skins


Can I just say that they quality and design of these skins are just amazing!!!

From the Guardians of the Galaxy themed “Odyssey” Skin line and to the world known K/DA popstar skins. And now a My Hero Academia “Anime” theme?? I guess the possibilities are endless when it comes to riot. :star_struck:

Battle Academia Lux (with Prestige variant)

Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Academia Katarina

Battle Academia Jayce

I find it fascinating to see what a Moba can bring to a table with a long list of released skins and LoL doesnt disappoint (most of the time, :mask:DunkMaster Ivern)


Oh lord, I’ve not seen either Lux or Katarina … :heart_eyes:

Katarina is bae

Here she is hanging out with Weiss and Ruby.


I have Pulsefire Ezreal and it’s pretty cool, even if I can’t ADC worth a damn.


Lmao, I saw a comment on how all of Ezreals new skins are putting PulseFire to shame.

I havent got to play with that skin in person but Im curious if you think the same or different.


I don’t have any other Ez skins because I don’t play very much, buy RP, or play Ez, so I wouldn’t know. I really would like DJ Sona though. I play a ton of Sona.


Rip :open_mouth:

DJ Sona will forever be a skin I will remember :star_struck:


Insane skin :heart_eyes:. Correct me if I am wrong, but iirc lol skins are not priced vastly different than VG ones and tbh - the quality is not comparable even with the best VG skins.


If you do a rough tier comparison, the best Vainglory skins are roughly at an Epic tier in League of Legends. Ultimate skins cost slightly more than a Legendary skin at $25 for 3500 RP (3250 RP cost) versus $20 for 2800 ICE (2599 ICE cost).