Smokey the idea

so around 2 years ago i wanted to make my own moba and the first hero i designed was smokey. i even made a lore world and a map:scream_cat: so this child was not made to fit into the Vainglory scene so this will probably be more toxic here uwu

Perk: Where There’s Smoke
After a certain amount of time, Smokey’s basic attacks apply a burn to enemies. this deals damage and reveals them for the duration. the damage increases the further away from Smokey they are.

A: Candle
Smokey throws a candle to a target location. it deals damage and applies a burn effect in an area. the candle has true vision in its aura. the aura deals a light dot. Smokey’s perk has no cooldown while he is standing in the aura. has 2 charges

B: My Coalstack
Smokey swishes his hat dealing damage in a cone. Any enemies with the burn effect get their effect removed and get a smoke effect. this reveals them and deals damage once it starts and ends. it gives the enemies a small slow and an aoe slow trail.

Ult: Fire Burns
Smokey uses his lighter to create an area ball of fire infront of him. enemies inside take massive damage and get a burn effect. enemies already with a burn effect get stunned and a smoke effect.

i also have a quick rundown of his lore:
Smokey was abandoned by his father when his mother died. his father left him a lighter (his dad was a genius, so this was the first lighter). smokey gets adopted by the firefighting/vigilante police force cult/guild and grows up with them. his friends gets killed by a delirious spirit (i have that hero idea as well if you want) so then he tracks the spirit (Verp) down.
spoilers below :scream_cat:

his dad is the main antagonist because he is trying to ressurect his dead wife. he turns cruel and obsessed. necromancy doesn’t exist in this world though so he ends up abusing a bunch of things for no reason as well as releasing evil forces in the world

i hope you enjoy and can judge him as a quality character not necessarily as someone who would fit into vainglory i created a heap of charcters for this game and i need somewhere to record them might as well be here uwu

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sounds like a very dark moba. I hope your Moba creative dreams come true~!

Maybe you can get a team together? a freelance artist. a programmer. a digital artist. I also dreamed of creating games, but never got to do it.


thanks for reading :^) i am still in school so i won’t be able to do that until i get to college or university at the latest but if i am still interested one day you might be part of a forum for a different game uwu

i hope you enjoyed smokey~

also it comes to my attention that coalstack might not be an actual type of hat so just imagine a super tall top hat :confused:

Now this sounds more interesting. a stackable burn effect (Burn > smoke > stun). I also Like how his A buffs him while he’s in the area.

Also you started creating a moba? that’s pretty cool, respect. I tried to do the same, but I cannot get my head around coding, using game engines or computers in general. However, if you do have any interested in getting team together, I’d love to do some hero design and Lore writing :stuck_out_tongue: @Ve3nNo0wM seemed to suggest the same, maybe they’d be interested too?

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sorry for confusion i never actually started creating it only designing the parts of it like the map, mobs, heroes, lore ect. ihave not learnt how to do coding beyond making a website yet i am still a child in school uwu

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A child who can admit that he’s a child is a very wise child indeed. Designing and Lore writing is a great start~!

Your imagination is the most valuable thing in creating anything~!