Smite Season 8: Tiamat, Gilgamesh, and more!

2020 really was the year for Smite and League.

Two confirmed god/goddess, new Pantheon being Mesopotamian, new map, new items.

Also I see a new character for the Arthurian Pantheon who seems to be Morrgan Le Fey soooo :pleading_face:

I really want to try this game … just need to find some time! :confounded:

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It really is a fresh breeze of air. And Im glad I got back into it after VG cuz back when I first played it (season 3), the game looked NASTY and dated. :rofl:

And to add more fuel to the fire, Ive played triple the amount of hours into it over LoL. So ive pretty much been triving with this as my main moba.

If you ever find the time to play, I really dont know any good starter yt creators to help but Incon does phenomenal work on god guides! Idk if he makes other types of guides tho.

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Also Gilgamesh Concept Art!