Small Crystal Tree Rework Suggestion

Eve of Harvest

Price up from 2600-2700
Crystal power up from 55-85
Special Passive buff from the first 600-1200 points of damage getting extra 25% Lifesteal to the first 600-2000 points of damage getting extra 25% lifesteal.
Base lifesteal up from 10% to 15%

These changes are to reflect the global health changes that were made in update 2.9 that SEMC didn’t really address.

Alternating Current
AC based CP Mages such as Lyra, Varya and Lorelai are at direct disadvantage when in a 1v1 with a WP carry due to lower attack speed and less damage overall. It is also fairly expensive for the passive and the stats it gives, so these changes should be made to reflect that.

Crystal Power up from 60 to 70
Attack Speed up from 35% to 45%
Special Passive buff from 70% CP every other attack to 85% CP to every other attack
Price increase from 2800 to 3000.

Note: This will indirectly buff Varya, so in turn her extra passive Attack Speed should be reduced by 10% every level to make her more or less in the same position as before.

Spellfire is slightly overpowered at the moment so a small increase in price would bring it in the line of other crystal items. A slight increase in crystal power is made to compensate.

Crystal Power up from 90 to 100
Price increase from 2700 to 2900.


Health Percentage decreased from 14 to 10%
Change health percentage to true damage
Price up from 2400 to 2500.

Feedback and Constructive Criticism is welcome! :smiley:

Eve: It only needs a CP buff, no need for the lifesteal increase.
AC: God plz my AC is more interesting mate.
Spellfire: It’s Idk, weird to balance this thing. The damage isn’t that much but the utility is broken.
Aftershock: I think it should only be like this: Extra damge based on MISSING (not max) health is 8.5% (+1.5% per level)

The problem with your AC is that it is going to be broken if it is released in the game. My change for AC makes more sense because its attack speed is too low to compare with WP carries. Also the damage needs to buff.

Aftershock- You know you are basically going to ruin Aftershock for the Aftershock-reliant junglers. The burst is going to be very low if the enemy is still full health but on the other hand Taka will be broken as a cleaner with that buff. It will be like WP BFs execute before it was nerfed.
You are maiking aftershock an item only good in the late game. It will be crap in the early game.

My aftershock makes more sense as it will help scale better in the late game while still being good in the earlygame.

Did you re-read my changes mate?