Skins in competitive play?

I had in mind the question since a very long time, given Celeste cauldrons are much more obvious than tiny stars on the battlefield, but recent skins impact even more.

What do you think of playing with visible skins in high tiers ? Are some a disadvantage for the player ?
New Lorelai clearly delimits the size of her pools with a bold red line,
Medieval Ylva trap glowing shattered ground is much more obvious than the regular.
To lesser extents, even new Lyra has more obvious effects, skye pew-pew A is more visible, Taka flames draw the attention on a sneaky assassin, etc.

I kinda feel like playing a flashy skin is only an advantage when you want to tank (Phinn…)

What’s your opinion ? Do you think some skins have a hidden impact on gameplay ? Would that stop you from picking them in games you’re playing to win ?

Summer Party Cath was used a lot because her ult was harder to block. Shogun Ringo III has easier sttuttersteping. (Just some examples)

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I mean Im fine with it. Its not really anything to riot over.

Games like LoL have the same problem (Battle Academia Ezreal) but it all comes down to the decision to deal with it and persevere with the problem or to simply not use the skin in competitive modes.

My vainglory example would be Ice Vox, nice graphics but his AAs are somewhat delayed and I wouldn’t use it in ranked but only causal modes.

Could said devs fix it to be less of a problem? Possibly.

Shout-out to Gwen A , you still get damaged but you don’t know what hits you but then you realize it’s her bugged A , I mentioned that before but I remember tier 3 reim in one of the 3v3 maps you can’t see his A until it hits you and that was crazy for me I enjoyed playing him that time because his A is easy to dodge , the same thing happened to baron A the color was barely visible so you can land his A easy but I think they fixed it by showing the boundaries and made it more visible .

I would definitely say in fights using shiny colorful abilities is bad like red color , like Lorelai the blue is better than red in team fights .

Never saw that about Reim but, remember Infinity Skaarf III in the winter map? His ult was invisible :scream:

He wasn’t strong that patch but I used to play him but stopped then I countered someone was playing him against me and noticed Iam getting hit from no where but realized its reim A but I couldn’t see it I needed to look and see the effects to dodge it , but his A wasn’t that strong without the chill , so if you get that after his rework easy win because his A deals a lot of damage .

I think I remember skaarf .

Yep, from game release some skins are used for advantage reasons.

Interesting, thanks all for your input !

Nothing to riot over, as RiseChu said. My aim was not to start a complaint to SEMC, but knowing that it’s a fact (and not just my own perception) that some skins are advantaged/disadvantaged will play a role in how I’ll spend my ICE.

Just so you know the attacks are not actually delayed, the animations are just different so if you are used to other skins stutter stepping will feel off.

If you just sit and auto attack the damage will be identical.

Whoopsies.Wrong wording on my part. Thats what I meant :cowboy_hat_face: