Skin concept i made

i have some of my arts here, but they only let me post one as i’m new so…
Nine-tailed Taka


I want to see in color xD
I love the concept and what about stealth form, this skin wont fit the hiding in a box though.


he would turn himself into a white nine-tailed fox

So coooooll! :scream: :scream:
This must be added to game!

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Not as good as his sketch but heres a color version (Based off Taka’s Stock Color Pallete)

@TungDinh Its a really good sketch you made maybe it could be a taka summer party skin

(Based off of Taka T3 Color Pallete)


@Geenmen woww that’s nice! love your color pallette idea!

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Someone call chainsaw!! We need this skin

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If you added shading this would be awesome


You forgot to paint here. There are tails so you should paint it to brown. Also, please please please add shading. It can be cool!


Are the blades metal or bone? @TungDinh
If bone like taka t3 it should be a different colour

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i would keep that a secret, all i can tell is that it’s magic.

This looks so nice! Make more :smiley:

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@KatnissNeverclean i’ve posted some of my other works on the forum