Skieblu’s 3.1 Bug Hunt

Another update, another thread.

So I’ll be looking through the previous updates and see if any bugs persist seen in this thread. I will also try finding any new bugs in the current update.

Looking back to 3.0, some bugs that still exist are the Varya lightning glitch, the waiting timer bug, and the inability to thumbs up/down other heroes when you lock a hero in. I’ll continue trying the rest at a later time.

As for 3.1 bugs, here is the current list that will get more as I get more time to find more bugs.
-The text is off when wanting to purchase Tony with ICE. I am not sure if this is the same for all other heroes.

-Tony’s taunt is no longer the Irish jig that was teased in the hero spotlight, it is his trash talk animation instead

-Tony can still fly to the targeted enemy and land his jawbreaker basic attacks even when he is rooted when he is in the range to fly to the target

-individual guild fame scores have not been reset

-this is less of a bug and an oversight, but you can spam tap a suggest a hero ban option to flood the chat in ranked

This is only initial play testing from the first hour of play, so I will try to find more soon. If you have any bugs to report, please try to describe them as well as you can so I can try to replicate them so I can try to find the cause.


the minions foot bug is not fixed.

i will try and find someon to test some other bugs with if anyone wants to make sure yu have a SEA account

Heroes reset to their basic skins.
When I tried to set it back it refused to toggle the skin menu.

Bug or glitch?


For me, the post-match results screen (showing the glory and sunlight payouts you’ve earned) shows up 2-3 times while in a party.

Varya’s a ability gets cancelled if she is silenced while channeling it

Not sure if a bug or my game just glitched but while ranking earlier i had accidentally selected jungle and wasnt allowed to switch my role to captain

No, that’s an intentional thing. You can’t change your indicated position once you’ve locked in your hero. I don’t really understand why it’s a thing though, as it can really lead to miscommunication issues with flex heroes like Baptiste.


Known issue even by SEMC even without the right amount of hereos you can push ranked 5v5 button but it will put you in a long q for casual

Thumbs up or down in draft not available (?)

skieblu tony’s a lets him move while rooted because it is not a dash ability, it is a self buff. so the game thinks it is another basic attack with the effect to move him closer to the target, not an ability.

The “heroes randomly stop auto attacking” bug is still present.


This sounds like a nightmare. Oh boy.

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Not really sure if it’s a bug or not, but a dev I played with didn’t have the colored IGN in-game, but they did in draft.

Here are the known bugs SEMC has verified. I will update the list with these and sort through the bugs you guys found when I have the time to do so. Keep up the good work!

I just started a 3vs3 co-op bot match, and instead of hero select screen, it’s Blackscreen.

Close VG App and restart -> Blackscreen.

Close VG App again and restart, things seem normal. Close the news tab -> Blackscreen.

This is comedy at a whole new level, but glad they are reintroducing old bugs for those of us who never got to enjoy them, back in the day. 'giving me that nostalgic retro feel.

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• Guild chat still missing.
• Can’t type a message in ranked mode/draft.
• When reconnecting, the river on top lane turns complete black.

On draft phase of 5v5, depending on the language you have your game/phone settings, the text will appear in your language. So let’s say you want to ban/pick a hero and you have your game/phone with different characters than most phones do (i.e. using Russian, Korean, Japanese, etc ), the other players won’t be able to read them.

Yup welcome to Europe. Where everything is Russian…

Or how semc likes to put it

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I always like to play one or couple blitz bots games
What i noticed this update is , my bot teammates farming in blitz , they are playing like its a standard 3v3 bot match , they usually push objectives and pings me to push objective before 3.1 .

I can confirm the skin bug, the bot movement bug in blitz, the minion’s foot bug, and the short start battle royale bug.

@DIMTI I think the bug you are experiencing is when you spam the button that brings you back, you might be getting the rewards page showing up multiple times. I think it is only cosmetic though.

Another bug I found is when you initially look at your blueprints, if you don’t touch the screen, they get wonky.
Here’s a comparison of normal and altered

On the subject of this, the x button is now accessible when you touch the blueprint. I am unsure if this is intentional or not.

I’ll add these on after I check the other bugs.