Since VG needs a few more ideas

Ola’I, the Groundbreaker

Ola’I is an earth elemental who’s gameplay revolves around shaping the landscape around him.


After countless months of searching, Fortress and Rona arrive at Soverign’s Rise with Fortress’ pack in hopes of finding any leads to the nearest temple containing the ancient power-breath. Eventually, they finally find the temple in question inside a cave. The most notable aspect of the cave are all the halcyon crystals protruding the walls, enough to impale you if you do not take care in your steps when entering. Once Rona and Fortress reach the well, there is a large pile of boulders surrounding the well covered in vines. Upon seeing the vines, Fortress is immediately alarmed as the scent is very recognizable as the vines that came from the destruction of Fortress’ old temple. After Fortress alarms Rona of the vines, they are attacked by lizards, insects, and vines just like Fortress and his pack was all those months before. After some fighting, the ground begins to shake and the cave seemingly seems to be helping the Rona and the pack fight off the ambush with boulders launching from the walls in all directions. After the fighting is done, everyone notices that the pile of rubble is gone. Eventually, a large figure begins slowly emerging from the cave’s ceiling and drops down with such force that Rona nearly trips from the shaking. The figure looks to be an earth elemental surrounded by the very vines Rona and the pack fought off with a large halcyon crystal lodged inside the center of its mass. It is also sentient and is capable of communication via sign language or writing as it just makes grumbling sounds, therefore being unable to speak, but can understand any language. After some talking, Rona and the pack find out that the figure’s name is Ola’I and that it is the guardian of the well inside the cave and has been fighting off these kinds of ambushes for months now. Also, it recognizes that Fortress and his pack were fellow guardians from another land and is therefore friendly to them and is also friendly to Rona after Fortress insists that she is with him.

Passive: Land Shaping

Ola’I uses a separate bar dedicated to this passive called mana (Max: 100). He can walk through terrain with a slight boost to his movement speed and becomes untargetable. While walking through terrain, Ola’I’s mana is drained by a certain amount per second until he either leaves the terrain or drains all of his mana and cannot re-enter terrain until a very short cooldown passes. If Ola’I’s mana is fully drained while he is in a wall, he will dash towards the nearest exit (A graphic is shown where he will emerge similar to Kayn). When emerging, Ola’I bursts through the wall, knocking back any enemies away from him. Vision on Ola’I is not broken. (Inspired by Kayn’s E from League of Legends).

A percent of your energy regen is also applied to Ola’I’s mana regen

A: Boulder Launch

Ola’I Launches a boulder towards a target location after channeling for a short amount of time. Enemies in the center of the AOE are stunned and damaged, but enemies near the AOE are instead knocked back and take reduced damage. (Joule’s old A in projectile form. Her A used to knock non-stunned enemies away from her instead of slowing them.). If inside a wall, the boulder is instead launched out of the wall and hits the first enemy hit, stunning them and dealing AOE damage to nearby enemy heroes as well as slowing them. This part of the ability uses up 25 mana. (For clarification, the range of this wall ability starts when the projectile LEAVES the wall, so if the wall you’re in is very long, then the range of the ability is drastically increased)

B: Earth Wall

Ola’I raises the earth around him to form a wall. Walls created by this passive break vision, block projectiles, can be dash through, and can be used with Ola’I’s passive. The length of the wall is fixed. The way this ability is used from a gameplay standpoint is that an area around Ola’I is selected, then an area around the chosen point is selected for the direction the wall will go (This ability will not cancel Ola’I’s movement when selecting points and on PC think of it like using WarHawk’s ult regardless of whether or not you use quick cast). (Similar to Anivia’s W from League). This ability may be used while inside a wall and can combine with map walls.

Ult: Earth Shaker

Ola’I channels for a few seconds, causing the ground around him to crumble, slowing enemies in the area. After channeling, the ground erupts, knocking up and damaging enemies in the AOE. If Ola’I is currently in a wall, instead the ult turns into Living Meteor, causing Ola’I to dash towards any exit (You will choose the direction in which you will go and dash until you reach an exit, so the range is the entire wall you’re in) and upon exiting, Ola’I will leap out. Upon touchdown, Ola’I will immediately cause the ground to erupt with a smaller AOE, but dealing more damage. After this ability is used, Ola’I’s mana is set to 0 due to the sheer amount of energy used for this ability. (Similar to how Adagio’s ult works. However, more comparable to Ymir’s ultimate in SMITE)

Just a quick little hero I just thought of like an hour ago (Less actually) :^)


Fairly simple, but pretty good nonetheless, especially the way the B interacts with his passive. A bit CC heavy, intended as a captain I presume? Also does he become untargetable while in a wall?

Yeah he is intended to be a captain (Tho he can also be a very strong top laner). Forgot to mention this, but I also intend on his B blocking projectiles. Can’t have Yeets being TOO strong against him (Or with him) :^). He also does become untargetable

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Also forgot to add that the crumbling aoe while Ola’I channels his ult also slows enemies

Re-worked his passive a bit to be easier to keep track of and be more intuitive. Might actually come up with lore for this guy. His kit seems really cool. For his visual design I’m thinking about having a halcyon crystal lodged into his chest area that supplies him with the energy he needs to live and use magic.

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I thought the kit was a Taliyah and Anniva kit mix which I love. If you do know those LoL champions, this kit would feel amazing in anyone’s hands.

Ah I never knew Anivia could create walls. Then yeah, it’s similar to those two. I also created a reddit post with a lil lore making Ola’I a temple guardian and meshed it with the Rona and Fortress lore :^)

Reworked the A a little bit to add make it synergize with the passive as well as passive changes that I thought of when bringing this kit over to reddit.

Great concept especially his B ability. I hope Rogue copypasta this kit if they ever run out of ideas.

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Is this actually a Karas references?

Yep. A hero concept plus a tiny bit of shade for the Karas controversy

EDIT: Just noticed you were replying to @IAmNotJesus lul

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It’s fine, everyone is welcome to join the conversation

I overall like the hero, but I don’t think he quite comes together. Clearly he’s designed as a utility/captain with the ability to control opponents movements, but he feels like something out of another MOBA, the design laguage just does not feel very VG, and I’m not sure his skillset would player very well.

His perk specifically is just insane. For an effect like that to be passive rather than a short duration ability I’m not sure I can get behind. You would accidentally walk into walls all the time using a little but of your mana. It just feels pretty janky, and even if it were totally balanced I’m not sure I would like to see this in the game.

The rest of the ability set I enjoy. Your descriptions are much longer than they need to be, cleaned up he would actually have a fairly simple kit. I think there may be a little too much going on with his ult, but it’s a fun idea for sure,

Definitely a cool idea, just not sure it’s quite to the standard of exicsting captains.

To balance out the power of his passive, he’d have a slow movespeed similar to Phinn or Baron. Descriptions are long because I am mostly describing how they would work in game ofc. The in game descriptions would be shorter. As for how he meshes into the VG universe, why do you feel that way? I personally feel like a kit would totally fit into VG due to his A being a slower projectile like Silvernail’s B.