Since ripoff heroes are fair game

… Why not port magic man from adventure time’s dead moba? (With alterations to make sure he isn’t completely broken.

Base stats:

700-2201 health
190-660 energy
Movespeed: 3.8
Armor: 30-85
Shield: 20-60
Attack speed: 100-133%
Wp: 65- 135
Range: 6

(If you notice, this makes Magic man more squishy than anka! You’ll see why.)

Passive: Chase

Magic man gains a short move speed bonus whenever he auto attacks an enemy hero. (20%)

A) Energy Snakes

Magic Man releases 3 energy snake projectiles in a cone that damage and SILENCE (1 sec.) opponents. Only 1 snake can damage any given enemy. (70% cp ratio) cd times 12/11/10/9/6

B) Eat It

Magic Man teleports to a target location and goes STEALTH (3 sec. or until revealed), leaving behind a decoy that will explode after a delay, doing damage to enemies nearby in aoe. The decay will auto attack a nearby enemy. Magic Man can detonate the decoy early by reactivating this ability, but this will remove his stealth. Cd 20/19/18/17/13s . Decoy detonate damage: 50% cp. Decoy aa damage 20% wp. Decoy attack speed: 20% your bonus attack speed.

C) Magic Away

Magic man rolls (slowish dash) to a target location, ignoring obstacles and explodes, doing damage based on the target’s current health (35% + 1% cp),and applying magic drain, which reduces armor (30% for 3 sec.) and SLOWS (30% for 3 sec.) in a large area. Cd 110/90/70s
Some background.

Adventure time battle party was a unity run web browser moba based on the Cartoon Network show adventure time. It had a system where you could equip a backpack, containing certain items you could use your level ups to put points into. This of course isn’t the case in vg so I killed his stats with high cd and squish. He was basically the skye of atbp. The game was killed when browsers dropped unity support that made atbp work.

Luckily, magic man would be a decent fit in vg as a trickster assassin with a high skill cap and extremely fun gameplay if you are skilled enough.

What about you guys? Do you have heroes from dead mobas you’d like to resurrect?

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