Silvernail will give you freelo

So I hope some of you guys realized that Kinetic isn’t that OP and hasn’t been for a while. Really the last time she was OP was when she had her melee BP bug she’s just cool right now.

But this post isn’t about Kinetic but instead Silvernail. Most WP ranged heroes we have right now control their positioning but Silvernail is the first WP ranged hero who can control the map. His playstyle is more like a tank except you do a ton of damage. You don’t want to go in unless you have your JB and husk.

My build with him right now is SB BP TM TM. He can pop tanks and squishies alike and the fact that he has the ability to put enemies into vulnerable positions is one of his best attributes.

Once you get a hold of his WP path you might wanna try out his CP path which is DE SF ?? BM husk and JB. That question mark is there for whatever kind thing you’re looking for. Want a slow? Get FB. Want more damage? Get SG.

The best way to play him WP is to set up traps and then activate them to either trap your opponent towards your lane or zone them out from CSing. Level up his B max and his Ult.

His damage is insane compared to the other carries and I’m sorta sad that I wasn’t able to try him out during his initial patch but there you go. Get some freelo.

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I want to ask why you build 0 attackspeed. Is it to capitalise on Silvernails Passive - B - Passive combo? Personally I found that a TT was very helpful to make up for his low mobility, so… yeah.

He has Breaking Point (BP) in his suggestion for the build.

BP is very low attackspeed. Most WP builds involve 2 attackspeed items including BP (because BP is a given).

I wouldnt call using the highest skill floor and cap hero freelo. CP Silvernail is usually better as WP Silvernail can be pressured quite easly and he can be outdamage by every WP Carry but Vox, he is also inmobile so its vulnerable to mages and the assassins destroy him, to be successful with him you need almost perfect execution, and usually rushing the enemy carries with JB is not a good idea as you will probably get cced to death. He is good against telegraphed dashes, but most of them are too quickly for him.
In general, i find him strong, but not freelo nor even top tier.


wp yates you mean…

CP Silvernail is practically throwing.

No, it’s the best Silvernail actually.

Have you seen SM Crit Nail in t10?

That shits crazy with tanks

wp infusion does the trick. Early game and mid game should be all about zoning and trying to farm to get late game early.

It’s good a quick Ult and trap basically kills someone

Dude I’ve been able to play Silvernail successfully with a 80+ WR. He can outdamage all the ranged bot laners except Ringo. CP Silvernail is good but requires more on your allies positining and the enemies because his tripwire and rebuke combo is the bet thing he has, it’s good though but not as good as WP. His skill cap is at best medium for his WP side. He’s not really that hard to play.

No it’s actually not. @RiseChu I think WP Silvernail is viable I said CP Silvernail is throwing.

Im not gonna say anything

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Do as you wish, not gonna argue more.

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CP Silvernail is only throwing if you don’t know how to play him.


Not to revive a day old thread but I’ve had a lot more success with CP. No one ever knows his ability range but many in T9 stay out of his AA range. Throw on a SF and you can bully both top or bot. I personally don’t suggest mid.

If anything CP is a lot more fun than WP and depending on comps, better about 40% of the time.

EDIT. Didn’t realize the last reply was a day old but the thread itself is older. Oops

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