Side lane identity

As the meta develops and the game matures, we are starting to have a better idea of top and bottom lane’s unique identity. Bottom lane housing a weapon carry who is usually ranged and getting lots of support from his teams roamers. Top lane filled by a crystal or weapon melee or ranged hero that doesn’t fit the other lanes (not a weapon sniper or mage).

This isn’t inherently bad, but in general bottom lane has a huge pressure advantage with a weapon buffed carry and frequent ganks. Top lane also tends to be heroes you need on your team (for example tank Catherine) who are great in team fights but not the ideal lane heroes.

Here is the question I pose to you all: How should the side lanes be developed moving forward, and what identity should they take.

SEMC could lean into the idea of a solo defense top laner and simply give that position more tools to do this. For example stronger top turrets, and identify bottom as the “attack lane”. They could try to balance the lanes by giving more value in the top of the map (or less on the bottom) for example replacing the bottom heal camp with a small duo (like the ones by the jungle shop in 3v3). They could keep things how they are and accept the top lane getting pushed.

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If they change the buffs the lane meta will probably change. Right now bot laner cannot usually get cp buff and top laner can’t get the wp buff which is what I think limits the hero path in each lane.


Here’s a crazy idea. how about making treants change buffs upon respawning? CP treant dies, respawns as a WP buff.

Now if this idea takes off. You can make it alternate between CP and WP… or include the healing treant as well, so it goes WP > CP > HT… OR WP> HT> CP… So it would be possible to have all healing treants on the map… or all CP… or all WP… depending on rotations.

This would make rotations so much more impactful and decisions on when to take treants would be a factor in overall team strategy. What you think?

The “unknown” factor in walking up to a treant is also a make or break clutch moment.


it will just become frustrating for junglers to keep track of things as buff and healing treants have different spawn times

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I honestly found top lane is great for burst speed snipers

Keep one spawn time and utilize scout cams

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I know how to do it what I actually ment was that predicting enemy spawn will become impossible

Yes and no jungler rotations don’t change much by keeping an eye in a couple treants you can predict their routine on when the optimal times are to push one lane and split push

While I do agree that you need a WP champ bottom, I do think the type of champ should be different depending on which side you’re on. For example, if you’re on A side, you put a ranged WP carry not, like Gwen or Kestrel. This champ will then go against the B side top laner, which would be the tacky fighter champ. This would tend to make for an easy easy lane with the ranged WP and captain support, and a very rough time for the B side tank.
What I am proposing, is instead of sending your tank opposite the WP buff, instead you can get a tank WP fighter on B side and send them bot to go against their tank fighter and have that WP buff advantage. You can then send a CP mage type to go to the other lane to make a better laning situation for your tank as well as giving your CP laner an easier time early since they tend to be stronger than WP carry early game.
The biggest issue with this path now becomes “well where does the WP carry go?” The short answer would be nowhere. The long answer is that WP carries are kind of unnecessary with the current state of the game. There are of course exceptions to this (Vox), but really, ranged WP carries are fully outclassed right now by CP and fighter types. So I propose 2 CP laners, a WP fighter, WP jungle, and captain for B side. You should only have a WP carry if you are A side and they go bottom for the WP buff.
Sorry for the wall of text, but that is what I’m getting from this current patch.

Yo, that’s crazy… i’m in for that