Sick of 5v5

Honestly it’s just broken, I get a half decent match 1 out of 10 games… people have no concept of drafting, no idea how to rotate, lucky if you can start a match through all the dodging pre, and the toxicity is off the charts.

I know I’m probably alone in this but I take absolutely no pleasure in playing it anymore, to the point where I’m sadly thinking of leaving this game. I’d rather read a book, mow the lawn… far more productive than wasting 25 minutes on a match you’ve already lost because of the draft. When your query the choices it’s because “I want to play petal” not for any specific drafting reason simply because they got a new skin.


Nah, you aren’t alone. I feel like potentially 5v5 can be much more fun, but much more annoying and tilting in soloq (and parties). And most of the time it isn’t even close to the fun part. I think first priority should be some match maker limitations. It’s stupid to get matched with people who don’t even understand how comps are supposed to work and that 4 dps and 1 tank isn’t very viable. And by the way seriously did they remove dodging penalties? It actually feels almost like February/March 2017. I had literally 40-80 min waiting before I get in a game. And since I never dodged I was playing only games with bad draft lol. It’s very similar now.

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You realize 3v3 still exists right this might be better in the salt mine honestly

It’s not salty, it’s built on in game experience, the entire thing is a waste of time and effort. I think they’ve made some massive mistakes and they’re not sure how to go about fixing it.

All weekend I’ve played one decent game vs VG silver/bronze, even that I got glammed pre for being tier 9 (I got MVP by the way in that game), the rest of my in game experiences have been horrific.

I would play 3v3 but the queue time now run into 5:6 minutes (in EU server) because the player pool has been shrunk by 60%.

I’ve played this e for nearly 2 1/2 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. It’s not salty, just look at the number of complaints on the forums.


Wow. you read AND mow the lawn. If it’s compelled you to do such mundane things, go do it. Stick to casual and brawls maybe. Thats what I do, but for different reasons… My lag is just off the charts… I find it funny that players taunt at me, as if they played very well to beat me, not realizing I’m the one that’s needing to predict 3 seconds into the future and dieing constantly…

I’m surprised I’m even winning at all. Thanks to all those who hard carried me to victory -.-

I agree that this belongs in salt mines. Unless of course, this feeling you’re having is a permanent one and you’re quitting for good. If so, hope you have a productive and happy life outside of VG. How big is your lawn? lol… it’s not like a castle right? :thinking::laughing::sweat_smile:

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Thing is it’s a legitimate complaint, if someone can disprove what I’ve said I’ll accept it should be moved but my 5v5 in game experience has been horrific and I’m not alone.

Just now my opponents had a midlane WP Skarf, I mean come on what is that, I’m playing at tier 9 level this shouldn’t be happening. Game before that my roam went full WP, my midlane was WP my bottom was WP as was my bottom lane. What is that? It’s horrible , but it’s almost standard in game experience now.

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Ok for one you are complaining on weekend gameplay weekends are the time kids have free time most don’t care to learn a game and think they are the best. Do I need to say more

It’s 2am in the EU, how many kids are up at 2am? This is usually when I get matched with VG tiers.

Weekends when I was 13-17 I went from Friday to Sunday with no sleep. Hell I still rarely sleep

I can understand your feelings, i’m not high tier but sometimes I want to hit my teammates with a frying pan due to obvious bad drafting and bad choices in game. Maybe cause you’re higher up you notice mistakes more easily so it’s more frustrating.
But I want recommend just sticking to casual or adopting a “anything can work if you try” or “let’s just have fun and try our best” attitude. you’re stress levels will go down a lot and you might have more fun too.


Honestly if I wanted to play casual I’d play casual, but why should I have too? I love this game but right now it’s a giant cluster &@£)!

Even when I do get a decent game I’m gettting flamed by VG players for being POA (again I was MVP in that match). Meanwhile the majority of my matches have guys 3/4 tiers below me just wandering around the map or people trolling or dodging games. Watch some live streams or videos by pro players, most of them are experiencing the same horrific match making experience or in game team mates.

Right now this is the worst VG has ever been, it’s such a massive shame, SEMC need to react or it’s going to reach a tipping point and they won’t recover, it’s happened to so many other games in the past.

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For me, 5v5 is a fun game. I haven’t experienced much toxicity and I don’t have any major lag complaints.
But 5v5 is not Vainglory. It’s missing some undescribable touch that made Vainglory special. It’s not the game that I fell in love with 2 and 1/2 years ago and I don’t think that SEMC can ever bring that back.


I hate the state the game is in right now. The vast majority of the people I’ve been playing with for the last 2-3 years have left altogether. 3v3 is a disaster: it’s buggy, the balance has been broken by attempting to tune heroes for two very different modes, and most of the people I run into in solo queue are toxic. Like @PopcornOne, I don’t really feel like 5v5 is Vainglory – it’s more like AoV with less cartoony graphics and more bugs.

Tbqh, I can’t figure out why I’m still playing. There’s nothing at all rewarding about it these days.


With how matchmaking is, how long it takes as well, best option is just play a different game or do something else. Vg ain’t great and it’s not gonna be magically fixed in the middle of a patch and honestly doesn’t seem like it will be fixed. its annoying playing games getting matched with such a wide range of skill in players from beginner to good players, it’s not worth playing if you can’t get decent matches.

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I HIGHLY agree with you, 5v5 is getting very boring with the repetitive teammates. I’m also on the verge of quitting permanently

I’ve found 5v5 more balanced than 3v3 rn.
Celeste can hit too far
They boosted the hero speed/range
^Things like that
It’s not good for the 3v3 map at all.

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25m? With all the dodging this is the time you need to justvstart playing the match where you are a roam and your team drafted offmeta weak heroes vs malene, celeste, wp bat, ardan. :smiley:

To top the fun, you as a lyra without a single attack item deals the same dmg that WP ringo in your team. Fun, isn’t it?

And why those kids are in poa level game?

Because of habit, past good memories and invested time (also most likely money).

The truth is that I enjoted VG a lot more in the previous summer before the balance changes for 5vs5 (HP and so on) compared to now 5vs5 (3vs3 is so bad nowdays that I would not even comment). The reasons are obvious, but will add that even some heroes fun of play were destroyed, like bf… his kit was killed because of 5vs5 and I just started to play him and have fun with him. :frowning:

Yes, all the changes made for 5vs5 destroyed 3vs3 fun. Totally and some forget how many changes actually were made patch by patch. Changes affecting core gameplay and heroes play/feel.


I’m enjoying 5v5. Dunno what’s so tragic about it. If it’s toxicity and noob-fest, it has always been this way. It’s a community MOBA. Don’t like it, leave it. Simple.