Shuliè The Fast Assassin


ATK Speed:100%-125.5%

When any enemy hero has lower than 60% hp left they will be marked for Shuliè. When Shuliè comes within 7 range she will gain a .6 movement speed buff and will continue to have it so long as she stays within that 7 range of the enemy hero. While the enemy hero is marked they will take extra 10% damage from Shuliè. When an enemy hero is lower than 30% hp Shuliè’s urge to hunt that weakened hero becomes ever more stronger. The enemies marker becomes bigger and brighter signalling Shuliè. If that enemy hero is within a 10 range area of Shuliè she will gain a 1.2 movement speed buff so long as she stays within that 9.5 range of the enemy hero. The enemy hero with the larger marker will take 25% more damage from Shuliè as well.

Instead of energy, Shuliè uses instinct for her abilities. Her instinct is used in segments and the amount depends on the ability.
Shuliè starts with 3 bars of instinct.
Her total instinct is 100 and she regens 10 instinct per basic attack and 20 if she kills a hero(5 if she kills a minion) She does not gain instinct passively but must attack and kill things to gain it.

Shuliè will jump to a targeted enemy hero taking reduced 25% damage while latched onto target. Every .3 seconds Shuliè will bite the target applying mortal wounds and some damage. Shuliè can cancel this ability by tapping a disired location to jump to in a small circle. Each bite will consume 1 bar of instinct, when Shuliè runs out of instinct she will drop in place.

Overdrive: Her first bite will deal a extra 20% damage and will gain one more bar of instinct

Cooldown: 10-9-8-7-5
Reduced Damage: 25-25-25-25-25% (0.05% CP)
Damage(Each Bite): 50-75-100-125-175 (70% CP) (90% WP)
Range: 4-4-4-4-4

Shuliè suddenly runs at high speeds with her claws and jaw ready to tear apart the next target she runs into. When this ability is activated Shuliè consumes 1 instinct every .5 seconds but gains .8 movement speed so long as it remains active. For every instinct she consumes she gain a 4% damage increase on her next basic attack. The amount of damage increase will be shown as stacks and will refreshed every time she uses instinct in Velocious. Once out of Velocious Shuliè will have 3 seconds to find a target or she will lose her stacks. Up to 4 stacks

Overdrive: Shuliè will gain 5% per stack and will gain one more bar of instinct

Cooldown: 12-11-10-9-8
Duration: 3-3-3-3-3
Bonus Cp damage: 30-50-70-90-150 (120%CP)

Sleep Talk
Shuliè suddenly feels very tired and worn out. After a 1.5 second charge up Shuliè will use all of her instinct stacks to recover health. For each instinct stack used she will recover health faster. If Shuliè is attack while sleeping she will wake up instantly and the healing will be broken. The ability can be tapped again to cancel or it will automatically cancel when she is full health. If she cancels it she will stop the healing.

Cooldown: 40-35-30
Heal(per stack): 3-4-5%

By LudicrousGaming

Tell me what you guys think

I can even create some drawings if you guys would like to see her

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She is non humanoid?

Looks interesting but a bit OP

I went through some friends and she was more overpowered before some nerfs. I wanted her to be a chase a finisher.