Shroud (new item) stats


Nothing makes me happier than the fact that husk is getting a nerf. I am tired of people beating me even though they suck just cos they have an unbeatable husk+ ardan barrier combo.


I am a CP SAW main.
I see Husk nerf.
I like.


I dislike items that feel like you HAVE TO have them because they are OP. Part of the fun of a MOBA to me is building my kit as the fight goes on based on the enemy team and what problems they are giving me.

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It will take more than a husk nerf to make saw viable (in 5v5 at least)

Dont worry husk is getting replaced by shroud.

CP SAW only good SAW @Sandiha

That’s a lie SAWport is gud too. I hate WP SAW tho

But you didn’t have to have husk at all, the top players almost never bought it, favoring Aegis.

My comment wasn’t about husk specifically. Aegis falls into that category.

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Ah. Yeah Aegis was a little too strong 3.8.

What is good to see is both Aegis and husk getting toned down, so no single defense item can protect you heavily forcing you to make choices.

Id rather have shroud in my opponents kit. I can just pop it like pulseweave.