Should we enable Tagging?

  • Yes enabling tagging
  • No don’t enable tagging

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Since this is a community forum - we want to bring our members in on the decision making about the running of the forum, and what features it has - of course the view of forumers is only going to be one factor we take into consideration - but its an important one! To help facilitate this we will sometimes ask for community opinions on things.

So one feature that Discourse has is that users can set up tags and tag posts - this serves as an alternative to organisation via categories (since a post can only be in one category but it can have multiple tags). By default this is off - but we could switch it on. Only Trust level 3 users would be able to create new tags (this can be adjusted - but we would prefer to keep it high) but once tags are in the system anyone can apply them to any thread.

Do you think this would be a further useful way of navigating the forums? Or just a source of clutter?


I like the idea of tags, but I think we might want to restrict their use to a higher trust level than “anyone” (TL0) … perhaps TL2?

Tags do help with searching, so it’s important that posts get tagged appropriately so as to avoid filling search results with unrelated information.


I like the idea of tags too, but I can’t think of good examples where it would help more than a normal search… For instance, say I want to see all content for Skaarf across 5v5, 3v3, and Heroes/Items/Builds. A normal search for “Skaarf” would probably do this fine, right?

What are some good tags that forumers might want?


This is actually a very valid point. The search function in Discourse is quite powerful …


The main use cases I can think of are these:

  1. Suppose we have a bunch of some times active devs - you could tag all of their posts with “dev” and then their posts would be more discoverable.

  2. Suppose you have a thread that fits across two categories - you could tag it with both and feel better about putting it in one rather than the other.


I like that for the dev application, Id! I’d thought you could actually search for posts by particular groups, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so a tag is great (auto-applied by that group, hopefully).

Another good use might be a Guild, Team, or Player tag for threads in the Guilds/Teams/Esports subforum. This would help people filter somewhat more easily.


That’s a good idea. You could also use tags for people who are following you or if your talking about a certain hero, tag that hero and people who’s favorite hero is that hero, they can see the info and debate accordingly.


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Yes, unless it becomes a problem

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