Should stormcrown be removed

Right now stormcrown pretty useless it only does damage to steal jungle which is pointless since I can just build weapon or crystal and deal as much for lane and jungle.

Lol I think they should just make stormcrown a captain oriented item and get on with it. It is almost never as useful at some point in the build if you’re wp or cp and therefore there’s no real reason it should be a jungler item. Only heroes that benefit from it are hybrids for the most part, or captains, or just…weird builds.

Alternatively, they could give it a missing health true dmg component and then it would be good all through the game. But true dmg in general is, obvious is obvious, hard to balance.

From what I heard, they dont want to make specific class/role oriented items :slightly_smiling_face:

One jungle item in the CP and WP tree would have been easy but they just had to butcher the item that helped Captains with clearing.

Lol…I mean true dmg will only ever be useful and able to be balanced on a non dmg hero. I really do think making it missing health will make it more manageable. I mean what hero wouldn’t be able to take advantage of an aftershock-like ability with true dmg?

does removing stormcrown improve the game? i don’t think so…

so… why bother? unless you can give a obvious advantage of stormcrown removal to the game…

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This is the best version of SGB and SC is fine. It’s not melting turrets. It’s not doing a bunch of hero damage. SGB cost 600g which means you are less bursty against heroes early encouraging farming and 1v1 lane matchups. You are less tanky so it reduces lvl 2 dives. If you want to finish SC, steal camps, and have early CDR, that’s an option on heroes like Reza and Taka. Most heroes can get just a banner and then sell it when they need a slot. This is how this item should have always worked.


And that’s why they forced it on everyone. Even heroes like Reim, Skye and Malene. Gotta love their logic lol.


Reim’s spire does so much AoE damage early that SGB vs 2 bits doesn’t make much of a difference.

they should descrease the 6second timer to 4 atleast :frowning:

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Securing your buff/enemy buff over the others matters a lot though. So much that even on him it’s a must buy.

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I don’t really know how I feel about it, but I will say that items in this game are unadventurous and extremely narrow in scope compared to League. Builds are boring and gameplay suffers as a result. Where are the items for brusiers? How about items for roams without health scaling? That also brings me to the topic of roams, for which health scaling is a crutch design. Don’t know how to balance them better? Just add health scaling!

What game are you playing stormcrown is literally the best item there is

Only for junglers it was supposed to be a roam item and roam bearly have much base with any damage items

No longer, this update It was designed as a jungler item.

Yes, and even officially recommend to buy the banner as first item on junglers rofl… forcing the first item on X position is always bad and hurting the game/diversity. At this point they can just put the item on slot 1 for the jungler and be done with it.

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Just add wp/cp buildpaths for sgb. I reeeed so hard when they still didnt do it yet this update. Buying sgb puts junglers 600 gold behind. At least when there is a build path to complete it with, you can gain back the damage spike the same time if not faster than your laners. Stormcrown and its 20% cdr is so useless to so many junglers, yet its the only thing you can build sgb into.

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I swear SC has been the hardest item to balance for SEMC lol. And I also think SGB needs its item pool expanded

The hardest item to balance? think you are forgetting BP.

Uh…that too

I would prefer how was berore, consitente damage per second, not burst of damage. Having consitent damage would prevent from last hitting, or at least would make it requiere some short of skill i guess, and when farming your AA do something. Having it like burst means that once you proc the burst, there is no point on keeping AA until you get your burst again. At least for me is really weird to farm with SC