Should I go back to the game? (Poll)

To be honest soloQ is borderline ungrindable. No matter how good you can be but you can’t 1v9.

My buddy asked me to come back. I was wondering should I reset my device and came back or not so I ask you folks and I think that no.

Rona really isn’t that good anymore. Even if she is in your region/tier she’s not op. Being good is good as it makes room for choice. Celeste and Samuel true, but so are Malene and Varya. Skaarf not sure exactly but he can fight them as well. No matter who the best mid laner is every mid can win against the other. It’s probably the most balanced role. New heroes aren’t really OP to make people buy them. There have been multiple heroes that have been really bad on release. On top of that if I am not wrong they’re intended to be a bit stronger than average because they’re new and people need to have a reason to learn them. Even then it’s better when they are strong as otherwise they don’t change anything. It’s true Glaive isn’t the best hero but he’s pretty good if you know how to use him (not saying he couldn’t use a buff). I don’t like bot lane so can’t talk about Ringo but many people have said he’s pretty good and now he got the TT speed boost.

Last patch was barely playable for me so I quit playing for some time and then decided if I couldn’t compete I might just rank up my smurf. I got it from t4 to VG in I think 11 days and that’s while I had around 15 heroes. Soloq really isn’t uncarriable.

Again if you want to play the game you should. If balance is your problem that’s not very good for a reason to quit. If toxicity is your problem that depends on you. I can’t know how toxic your games are and I can’t feel toxicity the same way that you do as every everyone’s different. It’s your call.

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See I agree it’s difficult but I’ve ground my way to POA gold and I’ve never duoq, I was only a couple of wins away from VG this season. As I pointed out I ground to POA bronze in a few weeks with a smurf at Xmas.

I don’t want to shame you here but you’ve played nearly 200 matches as saw, by far and away the worst hero in 5v5. Clearly you’re not counter drafting if the vast majority of the matches you play are with the same hero. I suspect what’s happens is you’ve plateaued and since you’ve not got the mechanical skill with others hero’s your suffering.

There at over 40 hero’s now, stop comfort picking and start enjoying the diversity the game offers.

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the only mobile moba right now that almost similar with pc moba (specs, graphics, gameplay, etc) is vainglory… this is the only reason why you play vainglory atm :slight_smile:

Well the last 2 recent matches (like 30s ago) I played Kestrel and Ringo. Both matches I earned high KDA (with Ringo 13/3) but we ended up losing.

Yeah definately. Even better than some PC MOBAs (except HotS)

This is false.

This might sound harsh but to climb you have to first accept your own shortcomings and learn from your mistakes. When you die in a teamfight, don’t check to see if your roam’s fountain is on cooldown or not, or blame someone else for dying two seconds into the fight thus making it a 4v5. Look at what you did wrong. Analyse your positioning. Did you reflex block the cath silence/koshka ult/whatever? Did you stutterstep properly? Did you dive the right hero? Ask yourself questions like this.

I used to be stuck in a tier like you tbh until I changed my mentality. In the end it’s only you who’s going to climb. Your teammates who build wrong, position wrong, play bad won’t. Only you will. So ignore what they did wrong, focus on what you could’ve done better. It’s entirely possible to carry games in soloQ. Multiple pros have made smurfs and soloQ’d to VG gold.

I probably am not the best person to give advice on this as I don’t really rank all that much (trying to change that this season but who knows) and my highest rank is T8 silver, but trust me, it is possible to soloQ to VG :slight_smile: Also you don’t have to, find a good guild and good friends and duo if that’s your thing.

Kda is nothing if you don’t have objective control. Obsessing over kda can and will lose you the match…


Then again I’m maybe more suited because I managed to climb a tier every season since I started Vainglory with less than half of my games being ranked :slight_smile:

I voted no since you felt the need to make a poll about it, but my honest answer is Yes, you should definitely return.

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