Should I go back to the game? (Poll)

Cause this is neither constructive nor a technical issue so I’m gonna put it here in The Salt Mine.
Should I come back to the game? My friend she begged me to go back to the game but I’m wondering whether I should go back or not because my skill isn’t on point like it used to be, I’m afraid of trolls and I fear that I might rage and become a bad person so now I want to ask all my friends and people who I consider brothers here: Should I come back to the game?

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This should be no poll man. If you like the game and enjoy playing it come back. If you don’t move on. If you want to play you shouldn’t reconsider because of trolls. It will always happen. Just don’t let it get to you.


It appeals to me but whenever it does, I just remember the toxic community (thank God this is a safe haven, check the Reddit and Facebook and you’ll see) and balance and stuffs like that and that prevents me from enjoying the game. I play because of passion not for fun.

you fear toxicity which will never be 100% solved. if you really dont want any toxicity, don’t come back if you fear you’ll tilt easily


I mean like well it’s a game and all games have toxicity but toxicity in VG is through the roof, maybe near to League. While other games like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm have made efforts to reduce it to the minimum level for a long time, not until now did VG make a mimimal effort by reducing the ELO of queue deserters by 25 points.

It’s true it would be cool if we could report trolls but anyway for me at least it’s not that bad. I get trolls but certainly not all the time (which was the case a few months ago in 3v3). I don’t know your server, rank, position or anything so it might be different for you but I don’t think it’s that bad. About balance it’s really not unbalanced. It’s been better true but it’s been much worse as well. Right now most heroes are viable which is pretty cool for me. Especially mid lane. I really love how literally all of the mages are different but viable and strong.

then don’t play. if you don’t like toxicity and see vg as a toxic cesspool why come back right?

He plays low tier 5/6/7, at this level I’m not sure they’re even trolling, they just don’t understand how to build, rotate, play the game.

Trolling is still a issue in 9/10 IMO, but it’s less of an issue as people are taking the game more seriously. However, when you do encounter trolls at this level it’s infinintely more frustrating because you know it’s deliberate and not down to a lack of in game understanding.


You said that they don’t know how to build. I was pinging builds to those degenerates for the whole time and they were like nope, I ain’t gonna build that and we lost. I once got in a match that we were playing normally and smoothly from the beginning then my 2 degenerate teammates started selling all their stuffs and built full Contraptions. Those guys need to die like really need to die.

Uh lemme see: Rona, Celeste, Samuel are stiill top tier, new heroes are too OP to bait people to buy 'em. OG heroes like Glaive and Ringo aren’t that competive for like lemme see, 5+ patches now? Man this is worse than the time of the Baron reign which only lasted like 3 patches.

Glaive and ringo have benefitted from th change to items in 3.4, I’d say ringo is now very viable, not that he wasn’t last patch.

Good yes but competitive? Hell nah.

This might sound harsh, but your probably not building, rotating or playing well yourself. You’ve repeatedly said you’ve struggled to get out of tiers 7, of this is true you need to look at how your playing.

I built a smurf over Xmas and within 3 weeks he was playing at POA level. It is possible to hard Cary at these levels.


Man I was learning builds from the pros what are you talking about? And by the way, I don’t know how you boys hang up in NA, EU far and yonder but here in SEA, man the toxicity is so bad. I hope that you guys know Vietnamese and join the Vainglory Việt Nam Facebook group and see it for yourselves. Every few days we have a complaint about the game being too toxic.

People who don’t understand draft are the worst of the worst…

That’s why we have “The dumb people in draft” post am I right?

Ps: En Taro Adun

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Uh English please? Proper English.

Well you shouldn’t be in tier 6/7 then? If you’ve got game mechanics down you can hard carry (which was my point).

If your expecting people at tiers 6/7 to play optimally then you’ll be in for a hard time, they won’t and chances are your not either (didn’t you main a hero?) What it doesn’t mean is they’re trolling… building or drafting badly isn’t the same as diving towers etc.

If you think it’ll improve as you climb it won’t, and if ou think a moba exists without trolls then I’m going to tell you it doesn’t.

With all you’ve said no, there’s no fun so no point in playing it, even out of passion it’s not worth an experience you’ll mostly have no fun in cuz of certain reasons as you’ve stated. Honestly that fact you have ask, to get validation in playing this game again shows it’s most likely not worth picking up anymore for you