Should I buy red Lateran gwen or wait for summer party?


I have 309 opals so should I buy red lantern or wait for summer party gwen


Giving it some serious thought, breaking down the complex maths as well as taking the time to explore it philosophically, I can easily say that get both you should save your Opals to at least see what Summer Party Gwen has to offer everything and make a decision, then.


Has there even been an announcement for this skin?

I am pretty sure its existance is just speculation at this point based on SP Black feathers splash art.


Random price increases exist. I had 700 opals and bought Snowmonster Joule before the price went up.


Ok then I guess I will just wait for the whole summer season and if the skin is not announced then I will buy red lantern


And then SE gwen costs 500 opals and you begin to cry…

SE Taka didn’t start at 1k opals either…


red lantern is already a sexy skin, but I suggest you to wait for the summer party edition :slight_smile: #patiencemakeperfect


That should be very unlikely though. But you never know SEEMC


Red lantern reza is hotter… sexier and tastier


You wouldn’t be the first. The change opal prices often…