Should heroes have multiple viable build-paths?

Bring back WP Taka and explain to me why was the 3.8 Koshka nerf needed Semc?

I often play off meta heros due to the fact that VG gives me nonstop boredom when Im forced to play a meta.

Therefore I play things such as Lane WP Taka or even Lane CP Koshka to you know… Spice things up a little

Im done with my rant. :slightly_smiling_face:

This post was originally about a list of grievances that I have but I could write a book-long thread about that

I have been playing a ton of BR ARAL lately, and every time I get Taka, I’m at a loss as to how to build him these days. Ugh.


Agreed. I just straight up build glass cannon CP and go YOLO on my opponents.

However, most of the time I get Taka in ARAL into the worst possible match up.

Another case is Petal, but at least WP Petal with a speed steroid build and her Legendary Talent can work. Very fragile but eh, you live on the edge with Petal anyway.


I used to reply to taka threads and hate on taka especially wp taka
But after dienubs and nivmett talked about reim and nivmett called wp reim a troll , dienubs told him then why there is something called wp taka and wp black feather , why they aren’t considered troll builds.

So I think the balance team is more about focusing on one path for all heroes and make some exceptions like vox for example .

Did you see kestrel changes ? That’s their goal .

I really like Utility Taka in BR ARAL, actually. Easy Atlas and Shiversteel activations and once you’re a bit tanky, you turn into a great distraction for enemies who don’t realize you’ve gone support. :taka:

hehe. Petal: the hero for risk-taking adrenaline junkies :kraken_happy_t2:

As for the thread topic… I don’t know. I go back and forth on whether the game should strive for flexible heroes who can build lots of different ways and play lots of different roles, or if they should try to tailor their heroes for specific positions and buildpaths. I saw Xenotek say once that specialization would be better for the game, as they add more heroes and develop the strategically more complex 5v5 mode, but I don’t know.

There’s something really nice about making the rock-paper-scissors dance more complicated with flexible heroes, but there’s also something really good about making the heroes more defined and predictable. I can’t count how many times I’ve had Ardan teammates say they’re building support only to stack a bunch of WP instead of an early fountain. Making heroes more predictable would help players know what to expect of teammates (which helps newer players plug into the meta), but is maybe more boring for higher-tier play? Not sure if I’m right, and if yes, which is really better.

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