Should Baron's and Kestrel's ults get a buff?

Their damage is not that great and menacing enough to dodge sometimes though. Should they get a buff?

I’ve seen cp Baron go upwards of 1200 damage with a couple cp items so I think he’s fine at least.


no. they’re already both global, and can already deal massive amounts of damage with a finished cp core, givving it more damage would just make them too powerful.


But 2 Porcupine Mortars deal even more damage than a single Ion Cannon not counting you can spam 'em like crazy.

Or maybe just like this.
-Ion Cannon: fires multiple rounds at the target location. The 1st shot will drop dircetly on the target marker while the others will drop randomly around it. Longer CD and smaller AOE

Are you on drugs?
Kestrel and Baron both have global Ults.
Their damage scaling is great for CP they can take down anyone anywhere if they are not on full health.

Prove that statement… 300 CP 2 porcupine or 1 ion cannon.

The crystal ratios are freaking high man

2 porcupines is 720 base damage
1 ion cannon is 900 base damage.
CP ratio for Ion cannon is superior to porcupine.

You are wrong.

Problem is the DPS. PM can deal consisitent damage and that damage is more than Ion Cannon

And also, the delay is too long. 2.4s is ok but 3s is a bit too long

Problem is auto attacks they are superior to skills because they do constant dps…

Dude there is no logic to what you are saying.

Ion cannon has infinite range (global) it is vastly superior!

If you build a ton of CP you could get a 2k hp nuke! People need time to dodge that or it will be a guaranteed kill always.

The point if global skills is to create a global map presence and not be your main source of damage. With a global ult, no one is really safe and its a risk walking around with low health. Plus you can steal objectives better than anyone else. Celestes ult deals the most damage among all the global ults because unlike the rest, she doesnt have a disengage in her kit. Barons ult doesnt have a cast lock and he can use it at any time, even during his B jump. Varya forces the enemy to split up and move around or they will take massive damage. Kestrel is the most reliable ult for sniping because of its instant travel time.


True but also Celeste has the least accurate ultimate and at long range hitting with multiple stars is very difficult. It is the reason her star speed is being increased.

Barons Ult can not be bodyblocked and is circular aoe. I think his Ult is the most potent of the three.

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Less skill required more RNG no thanks.
Why are you always trying to break stuff that does not even need fixing?

Yeah, but you also get 2x the crystal ratio damage on 2 Porcupines, which sets them at least even. Add in that Ion Cannon only deals full damage at the centre and falls off to 65% towards the edges, and he’s got a point.

Not that I think it needs a buff, it’s just that he happens to have the maths right on that particular point.

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But now it can’t snipe people down from 40-50% HP. And Baron’s ult is the same and it’s even harder to hit center mass

As CP Baron i deal 2k damage (1k damage + 1k damage) even i don’t join teamfight yeah need buff

How cuz recently at full build I can only deal like 400-600 CP damage per Porcupine Mortar and 700-900 CP damage per Ion Cannon.

Actually this to make it more dangerous. You will feel like you are actually calling down an artillery strike. And please, everyone can hear the sound when he triggers his ult. There’s no menace here

They hear the sound sure but they don’t know where it’s gonna land so you can zone them into stepping in the middle of the blast

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Too much utility CP instead of Raw CP?

The true strength of Baron is chaining and aiming both mortars and the Ult to land at the same time on the same target.

SG De/FB BM CW should do the trick.