ShinKaigan's 10 Step Guide to playing Anka efficiently!

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Ya’ll after reading this post (brilliant by the way)–I demanded (kidding-I asked very nicely) ShinKaigan for the idiot’s* (that’s *me) guide to Anka! Thought I’d share!

//How to be a strong, independent Anka who will respectfully make other players want to hockey puck their device across the room.//

  1. Start with book and a crystal bit. Build order is Boots, Shatterglass, Broken Myth, Clockwork and focus on farming up these core items as fast as possible.

  2. Max B and C for the most amount of damage, you are a burst assassin who offers no utility so you must make sure the target is dead.

  3. Dance of Blades throws knives in a fan, but each knife can hit the same hero. Therefore try to cast the ability at point blank range to deal full damage.

  4. DO NOT BASIC ATTACK until you have cast all of your abilities on a target. Her Heroic Perk makes her next basic attack deal more damage based on the enemies missing life, but it goes on cooldown if you hit a hero.

  5. If your abilities are on cooldown, run for your life. Anka has no sustained damage so better to just run until your abilities come back up.

  6. If you are VERY confident that you will kill the target, after landing a Shimmer Blade immediately cast your Mirage Ultimate. Then wait for a second before blinking over to the enemy. If you perform this correctly, her shadow clones will come up and hit them for guaranteed damage.

  7. Speaking of Shimmer Blade, this skill will blink you to the opposite side of an enemy hero so keep that in mind when getting ready to cast your abilities.

  8. Killing a target resets both your execute basic attack and your Shimmer Blade. In the middle of a team fight, keep trying to jump to the next low HP target to constantly refresh your abilities.

  9. When you land Shimmer Blade, you do not gain vision around the target so be very sure that you know where you are blinking to and how many of their friends are going to be waiting for you on the other side.

  10. DO NOT BASIC ATTACK UNTIL THEY ARE ALMOST DEAD. This deserves another spot because you will waste a huge amount of your damage if you even so much as accidentally tap on someone once so be careful.

THIS GUY: Does this guide work for you.
ME: What about +1
SHIN: This is more concise. Its like 10% more efficient learning to learn in just 10 steps.

Did you enjoy the guide? Dont forget to thank Shin for the love!


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Very useful, time to get wrecked practicing her :slight_smile:

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Excoundrel’s reply:

I’ll offer a slightly alternative playstyle if you guys are interested!

Start double crystal bit, focus on clearing waves as much as possible with B (also allows a quicker jungle clear if you go jungle)
Max B then A, I feel A damage + RANGE (super important) increase and CDR lowering gives you more versatility in teamfights/skirmishes
B should ideally be cast directly after A at point blank range (like shin said!)
I build Shatter, Aftershock, Spellfire, Broken Myth, Boots (journey or halcyon) then usually aegis for reflex
Shatter = full wave clear at level 4-5 B which is really important especially in 5v5 for roaming
Aftershock gives you much needed CDR and allows you to bring your basic attacks in. Not basic attacking means you lose the damage from your natural WP scaling which is pretty high! Ideally your first basic attack will be after a full A + B combo. Aftershock also gives you more pressure vs. higher health targets and allows you to A -> Aftershock hit then b -> Aftershock hit.
use your movement speed from A to reposition in a fight - use your C to get behind your target (getting behind them means all clones will pass through dealing huge damage!) but also be aware your C gives you essentially a second reflex block!


VERY confident in killing? I would interpret that as the target is squishy or already low health and casting your ULT is a waste IMO… because it is your only reliable escape / follow up damage for the next kill.